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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Pro Papa League

Some of our friends have asked about Confiteor, a blogger who posted several comments on our blog in the past.
Confiteor asked a lot of pertinent questions and we tried to answer him on a few occasions.
Today he posted a comment that we bring to your attention:
Rev. Fathers and Brothers,
Your faithfulness to Tradition while answering the paternal call of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has transformed my thinking about the crisis in the Church, and how I respond to it in my own life.
Reflecting on these things and acting on your inspiration, I've launched a web-based project that I hope will contribute something positive to the Church.
If you view my blogger profile, you'll see links to two new blogs: Pro Papa Flagship and Pro Papa I. If you have a chance, please visit and leave a comment. God bless you!
Sincerely in the hearts of Jesus and Mary,
I have been over to the Pro Papa League Flagship, where everything is ship-shape and ready for action. The idea of the League is to pray for the person of the Pope and to unite people in undertaking this pious work especially through the communication that is possible with blogs.
Mention is made of Sister Lucy to whom Our Lord said: "The Holy Father, pray much for the Holy Father!" The present Pope has received several vicious death threats from individual Moslems; this prompts the idea of a League of Prayer for the safety of Rome and the present Holy Father. Before the Battle of Lepanto, Moslems had said that St. Peter's would be used as a stable for the Sultan's horses. They hadn't planned on the power of prayer and the intercession of Our Lady.
Thank you Confiteor for the good example you give us in beginning this holy enterprise: Defence of the Pope through Masses and Rosaries.
God bless the Pro Papa League, its ships and those who sail them! May all your Masses, prayers and sacrifices for the Holy Father bear fruit in an end to the crisis in the Church.
We will place a link to the Pro Papa League on our blog.
Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.


Confiteor said...

Thank you, Fr. Michael Mary! Your support of the Pro Papa League is very much appreciated, and your prayers greatly needed.

This project is a leap of faith for me, as I have been so long immersed in the "hermeneutic of suspicion" that I am constantly in danger of backsliding. Pray that I keep my little Flagship tethered to that great Barque and that I sustain my filial loyalty to "sweet Christ on earth".

I will double my prayers for Papa Benedict when he visits France in a week's time.

Sincerely in the hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Jane said...


What a wonderul initiative.
I'm going over to the flagship straightaway. The Holy Father needs all the prayers we can offer, certainly in his dealings with the French bishops. I live here and know!

Hoping to post daily grass roots report on his visit on someone's blog.
I've offered it to Fr Blake but he hasn't replied yet. If you're interested.........?

Will remember you when I pray the Rosary tonight with our dear Holy Father on CD (in Latin).

Viva il Papa!


Jane said...

Thanks so much for putting us onto this. I was only thinking this morning, as the Pope's visit to France gets nearer, how much he needs our prayers and how much we need to make a concerted prayer power witness in the Blogosphere.

God bless you,
Prayers always,

Confiteor said...


I love the title of your blog: "Thoughts from the desert of French 'Catholicism'". Most appropriate in view of Papa Benedict's upcoming papal journey to France, as well as in light of the French roots of the Traditionalist movement.

I would like very much to link to your daily postings during the Pope's visit. Next time that you visit the Flagship, you'll see a link to "Thoughts from the desert of French 'Catholicism'". A nice feature of the blog roll in Google is that it shows the title of the latest posting of each blog! :-)

Confiteor said...

Rev. Fathers and Brothers,

Just want to share with you and your readers the latest progress of the Pro Papa League Armada. A number of friends have joined the cause, as you'll see in the blogship roll posted on the mast of the Flagship. If you have a chance, please visit "Papa in France", which is dedicated to the Holy Father's upcoming visit to the Elder Daughter of the Church:

We pray for the Holy Father and for continued progress in the matter of your regularization. How are the Brothers doing at the FSSP seminary in Nebraska?

God bless you!

Sincerely in the hearts of Jesus and Mary,

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