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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

F.SS.R. Seminarians in America, assisting in a Texan Cathedral

Br. Jean Marie, F.SS.R.
as Subdeacon

Br. Ivan Maria, F.SS.R.
as M.C.

This Solemn Mass was celebrated
by Father Albert Laforet
the Rector of St. Mary's Cathedral,
Austin, Texas.

[Our thanks go to The New Liturgical Movement blog]


Robb Bates said...

I am a member of the schola that was in the choir loft. Most of use came up from San Antonio to assist. It was an honor to sing at such a beautiful mass.

May God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

It is an honor to welcome the FSSR seminarians to the great state of Texas. What a beautiful chapel! I'll have to find it the next time that I'm in Austin.

God bless!


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Fathers and Brothers,
it is a true joy to see that your seminarians are welcomed with open arms
all around the world.
One day they will wear their priestly vestments knowing that when they will welcome the stranger, they will welcome the Person of God.

With All Respect

Melanie said...

Beautiful! We were at that Holy Mass, albeit, in the back with a cranky toddler and needy newborn! We had the honor of hosting the brothers at our home afterwards at a dinner welcoming in the New Year and celebrating the Feast of the Circumcision! What a blessing it was to chat with the brothers and to welcome them in our home. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr

Nice for you to see your hero, Benedict XVI, going to the Synagogue.

Must feel good to be like you, a real Traditional Catholic and still be able and laud this action.

BEST - from 'feeling not so good about this solidarity of Pope with Jews'

Stephen said...

Anonymous - how old are you? twelve? For crying out loud you really need to grow up.

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