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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baling on Papa Stronsay

The last week or so has seen the winter feed cut and bailed here on Papa Stronsay.  Unfortunately no photos were taken of the cutting, but the rest of it can be seen here.  It's a time consuming but necessary task if the animals are to get through the winter without starving.  This year has been our best ever harvest.

Fr. Anthony and Br. Martin took the haybobbing in turns.  Fr. Anthony is driving here.
We were very lucky this year to have the generous help of Tony and Matt Duffy, farmers from Stronsay.  Matt came with their baler and did all of the fields.  It took a little over 12 hours to do.

This baler not only bales the hay, but also wraps it in plastic.  It can put much more hay into each bale, so that although they are the same size as our normal bales, they are 1.5 times heavier!



Baling on Papa Stronsay

By the end of the evening there were 203 bales!
Matt changes the rolls of plastic wrap.
For the evening recreation, the community came down to cheer him on!
Matt with his tractor...
...and with the community.
A job well done!
Many thanks to Matt for all his work - and a happy birthday for today!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring photos and beautiful video. Ora et labora!

Anonymous said...

Could you guess approximately how heavy are the bales?

Cruise the Groove.

Coffee Catholic said...

I love the bailer: it always looks as if it's laying a massive egg!

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