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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Visit of the Episcopal Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney.

This afternoon we welcomed to Papa Stronsay
the Right Rev. Dr. Robert Gillies,
of the the Scottish Episcopal Church.
Bishop Gillies was elected to his position
over the Episcopal diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney
in April 2007.
On his episcopal ring the bishop has engraved
the image of the Papa Stronsay Cross.

Dr. Gillies was accompanied by the Reverend David Bowen
our friend and neighbour on Stronsay.
David and his wife, Ruth are semi-retired;
their house looks across Papa Sound to Papa Stronsay.
The visit was for about an hour and a half and
during this time the bishop himself took responsibility
for the beautiful weather!


umblepie said...

Welcome Dr Gillies, you have chosen a beautiful day to visit. As well as a warm, sunny day, it is also a special feast day, 'the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary'.

mcarson said...

Hey, FSSR and all potential readers, a pryaer request coming up.

My Univeristy (Bowling Green State Univeristy in Ohio, USA) is holding a debate about abortion tomorrow, sponsered by the Catholic lifegroup (Veritas), various Christian life groups on campus, and off, and the campus Secular Society. Prayers for the sucess of the Debate, and the cause of the pro-life movement would be greatly appreciated. Also our Catholic lifegroup has a display of 3500 crosses on a lawn on campus to represent the average number of children killed in the USA by abortion everyday. PLease pray for the sucess of these events, all for the greater glory of God.

Thank you

Michelle Therese said...

We've been told many times by our friends John and Sue that the Bishop is a very lovely man! :-)

Philip Gerard Johnson said...

I'm sure he was edified by your faithful example and dedication to the Catholic Church!

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