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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ordination of Rev Fr Jean Marie, F.SS.R.

This Saturday past, we were overjoyed to witness our Br Jean-Marie, F.SS.R. raised to the dignity of the Sacred Priesthood!  His Lordship bishop Basil Meeking, D.D. conferred the sacrament of Holy Orders in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Christchurch New Zealand.

The ceremony and preparation involved the invaluable help of so many people and we would like to thank each one of them for all their efforts to make it a success.

The first Extraordinary Form priestly ordination in the South Island of New Zealand for decades begins.


His Lordship bishop Basil Meeking processing to the Altar to commence the Mass of Ordination.

Very Rev Fr Michael Mary, F.SS.R. was priest-assistant and Fr Magdala Maria, F.SS.R. was Deacon.

After the Deacon removes the bishop's mitre, he passes it to the Mitre-Bearer.

Fr Clément, C.S.J. was Sub-deacon and here is chanting the Epistle.

Very Rev Fr Michael Mary, F.SS.R. calls Br Jean-Marie, F.SS.R. to present himself before the bishop.

Brother prostrates himself before the altar while the Litany of the Saints is chanted.

The Matter of the Sacrament of Holy Orders:  The ordaining bishop lays his hands upon the head of the candidate for ordination.

All the other priests present at the ordination are then invited to lay hands also.

Extending his hands over Br Jean-Marie, the bishop pronounces the words which constitute the Form of the Sacrament, thus conferring the Priesthood upon FR JEAN-MARIE, F.SS.R.

The stole is changed from the position across the shoulder (denoting a deacon) to around the neck (denoting a priest).

The priestly chasuble is placed over his head.

Bishop Meeking anoints the hands which will now grasp the Lord of Heaven and Earth in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Father's annointed hands are bound together with linen.
In a beautiful tradition, this linen band will be kept until the death of the new priest's mother, when it will be used to bind her hands when she is buried.

The tradition of the instruments: the chalice, paten and host are placed between Father's fingers.

The Deacon chants the Gospel.

The Ordination of a priest is the only time that a priest concelebrates in the Extraordinary Form.  Here Fr Jean-Marie concelebrates the Holy Sacrifice with Bishop Meeking, while assisted by Very Rev Fr Anthony Mary, F.SS.R.

Fr Jean-Marie's ordination provided a great opportunity for many of the Latin Mass Chaplaincy's young men to serve on the altar.

It is on occasions such as this that priestly vocations are born!

The bishop consumes the Sacred Body of Jesus Christ.

Fr Jean-Marie receives Holy Communion from the hands of Bishop Meeking.

Leaving the ceremony a changed man.

Now, whenever he wishes, Fr Jean-Marie may call God, and God will obey him, coming down from heaven into his consecrated hands.

Fr Jean-Marie give his First Blessing to Bishop Meeking.

Fr Jean-Marie's mother kneels at the feet of her son to receive his First Blessing.

Father's Auntie receiving his blessing.

A son, and his proud Mother.

Fr Jean-Marie and his Auntie.

Te Deum Laudamus!

We thank God for this great grace of a new priest for our Congregation and for His Church!


Konstantin said...

God bless you, dear Father! Congratulations!

Anne B said...

A wonderful and awe inspiring day when Rev Fr Jean-Marie FSSR received the sacred Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks be to God!

Inkstain said...

Congratulations to Father Jean-Marie, his family and to all you Brothers and Fathers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Jean-Marie !!


Frater M. Góral

umblepie said...

Dear Father Jean-Marie,
Congratulations, prayers, and best wishes on this very special day.
The pro-Cathedral looked beautiful, and the photographs are superb, thank you for sharing with us. Particularly liked the photograph of you with your Mum, both so happy!
Brian and Margaret.

Jenifer Pinto-Suares said...

Congratulations dear Fr Jean Marie. Thank you Lord for picking a flower from our family to be in your garden. Such a proud moment for all of us in the family. We can't wait to be blessed by your anointed hands.

Best wishes from all of your family members and relatives.

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