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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And all things go to one place: of earth they were made, and into earth they return together. (Eccl. 3:20)

On Ash Wednesday, we mark the commencement of the great fast of Lent, in preparation for Easter.  Each of us receives the Sign of our salvation marked upon his forehead with Ashes.

Placing ashes upon ones head has long been a sign of mourning and penitence:

But Josue rent his garments, and fell flat on the ground before the ark of the Lord until the evening, both he and all the ancients of Israel: and they put dust upon their heads. Jos. 7:6

And she put ashes on her head, and rent her long robe and laid her hands upon her head, and went on crying. 2 Sa. 13:19
Br Damian receives his ashes.

Let us try to turn ourselves more towards spiritual things during this Lent.  With material occupations it is possible to occupy every moment of our waking hours if we wish.  There will always be too much to do.  It is so necessary to make time for our spiritual occupations, for it is by them that we will become saints and save our souls.

As St Alphonsus tells us:
He who prays is certain to be saved
He who does not pray is certain to be lost.
Let us make sure that we are not neglecting our prayers or our spiritual life.

Lenten breakfast in the Monastery is taken kneeling.

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MrGoblin60 said...

I wish all the monks on Papa Stronsay a fruitful Lenten season. May my own Lent profit my soul to eternity. There are troubling matters in my life and I offer these up as penance. Please remember me in your prayers Fathers.

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