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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holy Week I: Palm Sunday

Hosanna filio David
The beginning of Holy Week
Palm Sunday

Fr Jean Marie blesses the palm branches on the altar

The branches are then distributed

Pueri Hebraeorum, portantes ramos olivarum, 
obviaverunt Domino, 
clamantes et dicentes: Hosanna in excelsis.
The Hebrew children bearing olive branches, 
went forth to meet the Lord, 
crying out and saying, Hosanna in the highest.

 A procession on Stronsay with blessed palms - a sign of victory over the world as the Holy Ghost promised by David, "Justus ut palma florebit".

Fr Jean Marie reads The Passion of  Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St Matthew.

We offer unto Thee, O Lord, the chalice of salvation, beseeching Thy clemency, that it may ascend before Thy divine Majesty, as a sweet savour, for our salvation, and for that of the whole world.

Deo gratias et Mariae! 

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