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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Beautiful Tribute

A beautiful video has been posted on the Facebook page of Our Lady of Christchurch concerning the Maryfest procession which is annually organised by our community in Christchurch, New Zealand.  As you know, our Congregation runs the Latin Mass Chaplaincy for the diocese of Christchurch.  The post below this one has a selection of photos of the occasion and this video really makes it come alive

From the Our Lady of Christchurch Facebook post:

Young Christchurch cinematographer Emma Murphy has produced this beautiful piece of art in the form of filmed record of the 2016 Maryfest. Emma has spent hours and hours editing, arranging and compiling the footage she took during the procession, itself a grueling task to be one person at every camera angle.
May Our Heavenly Queen, who turned her eyes of mercy towards us, use the artistry of Emma's eyes and fingers and give her an abundance to the blossoming of her young talent. A child of Mary is never lost!

A big thank you to Emma for doing such a wonderful job!


David O'Neill said...

Have you re-formed those 2 wonderful sodalities for girls, the Children of Mary & the Guild of St Agnes? It certainly looked so from the blue & red capes worn by the girls

umblepie said...

Very lovely, very moving. 'Ave Maria,gratia plena...' Thank you.

Michelle Therese said...

So beautiful. So incredible.
It makes me want to cry, we have absolutely nothing going on in our Catholic life. Please pray for us that some LIFE will be infused. And God bless Christchurch for setting such a good holy example.

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