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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Preparations being made for Ordinations in Denton, 17 November

Ordinations in Lincoln, Nebraska

Last night our Subdeacons ended their retreat
in preparation for their ordination to the Diaconate.

L-R: Br Yousef Marie, F.SS.R. Br Magdala Maria, F.SS.R.
 Br Jean Marie, F.SS.R.
Ordained as Subdeacons
 15 October, 2012

We ask your prayers for our two candidates
Br Yousef Marie and Br Magdala Maria
who will be ordained Deacons
Saturday, 17th November
in Denton, Nebraska.

It was the fruit of Brother Jean Marie’s retreat 
that for his own personal reasons  
he would like to wait longer in the monastery
before he is ordained to the order of Deacon. 
He received his Spiritual Director’s permission 
and the Bishop’s blessing for this request.

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.


Peter Simpson said...

I admire Br Jean Marie for his patience - for although it is good to hasten the day of ordination to the Priesthood, it is also good to enjoy the various steps on the way. My prayers for all three Subdeacons.

Konstantin said...

Rare humility on display here. How many priests lost their souls because they didn't heed the voice of their conscience?

inkstain said...

Prayers for all three, that by the Grace of God, they always continue to act in accordance with the Will of God

Mick said...

May Our Lord bless them, and Our Lady look over them. I will pray that St. Hilda (Patron of our Parish) will intercede for all of them on her Feast day - November 17th.

Ttony said...

My prayers for all three Brothers and then an extra one for Brother Jean Marie.

Anne B said...

Congratulations Brothers, and may God richly bless you, each one!

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