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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some Winter Heat?

We may live in Orkney and it may be winter, 
but Papa Stronsay is feeling the heat at present.
Our Br Jean Marie, F.SS.R.
has been trying chilli's and peppers in the greenhouse this year
and the December harvest has just come in.
One may almost imagine one was in the fair climes of 
the great Indian sub-continent!
And what a joy that would be for all of us
 as we recall the privilege some of us enjoyed 
of visiting some years ago
the tomb of the Holy Apostle St Thomas,
whose feast it is today,
situated much like that of the confession of St Peter
below the magnificent Cathedral of Chennai-Madras.
 We wish all our Indian readers a happy and holy Feastday today.


Anonymous said...

Please invite us over for dinner??? I LOVE "India food" !! :-)))

(Except the hot stuff. You can keep the chillies lol!!)

God bless!!

Donnacha said...

Thank you for posting the "pre-renovated" photograph of St. Thomas' resting place; the new crypt chapel and the modernisation that took place here is disappointing.

Anne B said...

China, too; specifically Sichuan, where dwell my son, his wife and their daughter, and her home town, Tong Yiang. The relic of St Francis Xavier's Right Arm was in Sydney, NSW, Australia (St Mary's Cathedral) on his Feast-day; for the first time away from the Gesu in Rome on 3rd December, in 2012. May he pray for us that we may proclaim the Gospel of the Lord!

Tula said...

Here in Brazil the name of that peppers is - "the finger of the virgin". Well, surely eliminates all the sadness and cold.

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