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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Born a King on "Caterbury's" Plain

All enjoyed the Carols by candlelight followed by Midnight Mass.
Over eighty people were able to participate in this glorious occasion.
The altar was beautifully prepared through the day
under the capable direction of Br Nicodemus.
Many thanks to all who gave of their time to clean the chapel,
polish the brass, prepare the flowers, and prepare the chapel,
as well as all the other jobs that were done in preparation for Christmas.
It was a memorable occasion.

Carols by candlelight began at 11 p.m.

Several Carols were sung in polyphony by our small choir

Joseph Fairbrother, Chevalier of the Knights was MC for the Mass

The altar was gloriously prepared for Midnight Mass

After Bells were rung during the Gloria
the Chapel lights were used for the rest of the Mass

Fr Jean-Marie and Fr Celestine sang the Gregorian Chant
and Cecile Evans kindly accompanied the Carols and common of the Mass

During the Canon of the Mass

Aiden Evans was torch-bearer, with John Fairbrother as Acolyte 1

Isaac Skilling was Acolyte 2 and Benedict Lim as torch-bearer

Adoration of the Infant King by the servers. . .

. . . and then by the faithful

1 comment:

Konstantin said...

Excellent pictures! Merry Christmas to everybody in Christchurch and Papa Stronsay.

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