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Monday, November 09, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

To Friends in Canada

Request for Help
Appeal to Canadian friends from Fr. Michael Mary

Shamiel 31 May, 2012

Dear Friends

In 2012 we posted this photo of Shamiel. Peaceful days. Spontaneous joy. From his life as a Youth Leader in Pakistan in 2012 he has become a refugee living from day to day in unsure circumstances.

He was forced to flee from Pakistan. But now we have heard that it is possible for a Canadian citizen, or a group of five Canadian citizens, to sponsor refugees to Canada. Therefore I am addressing myself to our Canadian friends. Could you please help him?

In the past we have featured three blog posts concerning him.They are here, here and here.

Shamiel chose the celibate life and dedicated himself to Our Lord as a Catholic Youth Leader in Pakistan. He was founder and President of the Christian Youth Development Ministry.


Shamiel addressing his listeners.

His present situation is illegal and unsafe. We support him and have visited him.

Perhaps as an individual Canadian citizen you could sponsor Shamiel's immigration to Canada?
Perhaps you are unable to do it alone but would be prepared to be one of a 'group of five' sponsors to help him?
What to do: If you are willing to help Shamiel as a refugee to immigrate to Canada please contact me.

Very Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.
Rector Major

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wonderfully Clear Teaching from a Prince of the Church!

Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria has given an interview to LifeSite News in which he proclaims in a wonderfully simple and clear manner, the Church's teaching on divorce and re-marriage, mortal and venial sin and the conscience, Divine law vs Church law, the Sacrament of Confession etc.  We pray God that He will inspire more of the Princes of the Church to stand up and publicly proclaim Her perennial teaching.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Papa Stronsay Calendar 2016 Pre-Order

The Papa Stronsay Calendar has been growing in popularity over the years, and we hope that the year 2016 will be no exception!
The 2016 Papa Stronsay Calendar is nearing completion so we offer you the chance to get in early and pre-order your copy now!

Our calendar makes a great gift for friends and family (and even for yourself!).

You can even conveniently order your calendars right here on this very page:

Want to keep up-to-date with developments?  Just subscribe below, and we'll let you know when each new Papa Stronsay Calendar is available!

Obviously we only send emails relevant to the Calendar, and we don't share your address with anyone else. 

The Papa Stronsay Calendar can also be purchased from our online store HERE.

If you already have a current subscription to our Catholic newspaper, you will receive one calendar as part of that subscription.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lights in the Sky

We were treated to a lovely show of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) last night. I've personally never seen them this early in the summer, so it was quite a surprise!  I got the camera only towards the end of the display as it was quietening down, but was still able to take a nice photo.

The Northern Lights on Papa Stronsay.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Leaving all for Christ

Today the of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer received a new member into its ranks.

The postulant kneels and is questioned by the Superior regarding his desire to enter our Congregation.

The brethren chant the Veni Creator Spiritus while the postulant is covered with the Funeral Pall.

He is clothed in the Religious Habit:
Son, put on Our Lord Jesus Christ, always surrounding thy body with His mortification. 

 Kneeling he receives the crucifix:
Receive, my Son, the image of the crucifix, image of thy Master and Redeemer, who suffered for thee and offered Himself for thee. Place it as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm.

 Our Lady's Rosary is placed in his hands:
Receive, Son, the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may She always be a wall to protect thee, a mother to nourish thee, a star to guide thee and the door to thy salvation...
 Do Thou, however, learnest diligently to love and imitate Mary, and to propagate Her most salutary devotion everywhere. In dangers, in anguishes, in doubtful things, think of Mary, call upon Mary. May Her sweet name not disappear from thy lips, nor disappear from thy heart.

He is clothed with Our Lady's Scapular:
Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

 And finally, a new name.
Welcome to our Congregation Br Jerome!

 Br Jerome's mother and father came from America to be with him.

As did his Godmother.
 The community on Papa Stronsay.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Biological Warfare!

An annual problem in the Papa Stronsay greenhouse is the Red Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae). This mite is very small and reproduces rapidly. It feeds on the cell-material of all kinds of plants, killing the cells on which they feed. When gathered in their hundreds-of-thousands, you can imagine the havoc they can wreak in the greenhouse! We do not use chemical sprays in our greenhouse, so each year we have to introduce a second mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis, which is the natural arch-enemy of the Red Spider Mite.  It can be ordered online, and arrives in the post!

Join Fr Jean Marie, F.SS.R. as he explains how it works.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

General Council of the Congregation


The General Chapter of the Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer are happy to announce the election of the General Consultors of the Congregation.

Vicar General: Very Reverend Father Anthony Mary, F.SS.R.

First Consultor: Reverend Father Magdala Maria, F.SS.R.

Second Consultor: Reverend Brother Nicodemus Mary, F.SS.R.

Third Consultor: Reverend Brother Martin Mary, F.SS.R. 

The term of the Offices is for six years.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Habemus Patrem!

The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer are pleased and proud to announce that today, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, the election of the Rector Major of the Congregation was held on the Holy Island of Papa Stronsay, overseen by His Lordship Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen, and that Very Rev Fr Michael Mary, F.SS.R. was elected to govern our Congregation for a further six years.  Deo Gratias et Mariæ!

The newly elected Rector Major, Very Rev. Fr Michael Mary, F.SS.R., kneels before the altar and makes the acts of Profession of Faith and Fidelity to the Church.

 Having been installed as Rector Major by the Bishop, Very Rev. Fr Michael gives the Pax (Peace) to Fr Anthony Mary, F.SS.R.

 Each member of the Congregation demonstrates their submission and fidelity to the new Rector Major by kneeling before him and placing their joined hands between his.

 The bells joyfully cry out:
Habemus Patrem!
 The members of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer currently living on Papa Stronsay, with their bishop, Dom Hugh Gilbert, O.S.B. following the installation ceremony.

Very Rev. Fr Michael Mary with the eleven voting members.

Thanks be to God for blessing His "Most Small Institute"!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Growing Well Despite the Weather

The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer wish you all a very happy feast of St Alphonsus!
This year we have had a poor summer in Orkney. But on Papa Stronsay the greenhouse, although a little slowed by the lack of sun, is continuing to produce wonders.

The Holy Angels have arranged for some good weather for St Alphonsus' feast day.
The greenhouse on Papa Stronsay.

Br Alfonso Maria, F.SS.R.has been the labourer in the greenhouse this year, and he has kept the community supplied with fresh lettuce every day.

Juicy peaches!

The tomatoes have missed the sun the most.  They are in flower now, an we hope they will get enough sun to ripen.

Cabbages and apricots.

The Kiwifruit are starting to form nicely.  They won't be ready till later on in the year though.

"Our Lady's Garden": the statue of Our Lady stands in the centre of the greenhouse.
Br Alfonso is growing various kinds of kale.  One variety can be seen here between the cabbage and the tomatoes.

The beetroot are not too far from being ready to harvest.

Also growing at the moment, although not ready to harvest, are pears, apples, plums, nectarines, raspberries, figs, grapes and other things besides.  The cherries have already passed.  They were delicious, but smaller than in  past years — probably due to lack of sun.

Thanks be to God for His wonderful providence towards us, his children.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Sign for the Isle

Papa Stronsay now proudly displays its own sign!  Under the Papa Stronsay Arms can be read the three ancient names of Papa Stronsay:
Papey Minni.
Papey Minor.
Papey in Litla.

A Great sight as you approach the Papa Stronsay Pier!
Very Rev Fr. Michael Mary and the brothers erect the new sign on the pier wall.

Fr. Magdala Maria handles the drill and is assisted by Br Alfonso Maria and Very Rev Fr Michael Mary.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


On the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer, the third Sunday in July, 19th July 2015, at the Oratory of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour, Emeritus Bishop Basil Meeking, DD, inaugurated the Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of JesusThe Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is an organization which has been formed by the Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer. Its object is to provide a solid formation for boys and men who wish to serve Our Blessed Lord at His altar. It has been created in response to the need to train boys and men worthy of the duty of serving at the Traditional Rite of Holy Mass. A society called Knights of the Altar was begun under St John Bosco in 1858, and this name was used in the United States of America by a Fr Benz in 1939, who formed an Altar serving society. Our Society is largely based on the Knights of the Altar.

Why Knights?

Medieval Knighthood, in the service of manor lords, calls forth such ideals as honour, loyalty, justice, chivalry, and respect for all. In the use of the term knight, the Altar Server is reminded of his duty to serve the Lord of lords with fidelity and honour, to treat others with respect and justice, and to live an upright personal life, defending always the rights of God and His Holy Church. In the names page and squire, the server is reminded again of the years of practice and study that went into the training of a knight and should consider with what devotion and perseverance he should attend to his own training in the service of the Altar. The chevalier was a travelling knight, which should remind the server that he should be ever travelling toward his heavenly goal.

Purpose of the Society

(1) To form a worthy guard of honour to our Divine Eucharistic King in whose service we willingly assume the dignity and honour of becoming Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus;
(2) To render faithful, reverent and edifying service to God by assisting His visible representatives, the Bishops and Priests, in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in all other liturgical and devotional functions;
(3) To enkindle in the hearts of the faithful whom we represent at the altar, greater piety and devotion by reverently performing the duties of our holy office and by giving good example in our daily lives;
(4) Finally, to ensure the continued and efficient function of the Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus as a society by attending meetings and giving of our service to the Church.

Below are photos taken at this memorable ceremony.

Some of the younger altar servers processing to Holy Mass.

Emeritus Bishop Basil Meeking, DD.

Prayers at the foot of the Altar.

Incensation at the beginning of Mass.

The Sanctissimum is removed for a Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool.

Seated for the singing of the Gloria.

Future Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

Bishop Meeking sings the collects; of the Mass
and of his anniversary of ordination to the Priesthood, 62 years today.

The Servers stand attentively at the Service of Jesus Christ the King.

Fr Anthony Mary, F.SS.R. is dubbed the Knight Director.

Seven boys became Apprentices. This is the first step
to becoming a Knight. The apprentice needs to learn all the
Latin responses by heart for Low Mass.

Two of the five Pages who have learnt their Latin response by heart
 and know how to serve Acolyte 2

The Pages receive from the Bishop
the Cassock, Surplice, Medal of the Eucharistic Heart, as well as the Handbook.
The Bishops addresses the pages: "Wear this cassock, in which you are vested, with the greatest respect, for it is part of the armour you shall wear as a Knight of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus in the service of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ.
May Our Lord clothe you with the grace you need for your new dignity as his servant, just as you will now be clothed in this surplice. May you show yourselves worthy by the proof of your life, and may its whiteness be ever a true symbol of the gleaming purity of your soul."

Jose and Jerome O'Sullivan became Squires.
They receive the single red tassel for this rank.

Justin Evans and Josef Fairbrother having been received as Pages.

Mervin de Lancea is dubbed a Knight by the Bishop.

A Scottish Broad Sword used for the dubbing.

The elevation of the Precious Blood.

The excellent choir that sang various parts of the Mass in polyphony. 

The new Apprentices, Pages, Squires and Knights.
"We, the Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, pledge allegiance to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, to His representatives on earth, and to Mary, our Queen Immaculate, whom we will serve faithfully until we attain eternal triumph in heaven. We pledge ourselves to form a worthy guard of honour to our Divine Eucharistic King in whose service we willingly assume the dignity and honour of becoming Knights of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; to render faithful, reverent and edifying service to God by assisting His visible representatives, the Bishops and Priests, in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in all other liturgical and devotional functions; to enkindle in the hearts of the faithful, whom we represent at the altar, greater piety and devotion by reverently performing the duties of our holy office and by giving good example in our daily lives."

"Tu es sacerdos in aeternum!"
After the Mass congratulating the Bishop
 for his fidelity and service of 62 years a priest.

Seven new Apprentices
Arlen Dempsey, John Fairborther, Joseph le Grelle, Malachi Tamepo
Aiden Evans, Joseph Donoghue, Thomas Fairbrother.

Five new Pages,
Josef Fairbrother, Justin Evans, James Green, Isaac Skilling and Julian Conlon.

Jose and Jerome O'Sullivan, Squires.

Dr Mervin de Lancea and Fr Anthony Mary, F.SS.R.
Knight and Knight Director.

Deo gratias et Mariae!! 

After a moving ceremony we thank God for all His blessings and ask you to keep these young men in your prayers for their perseverance in striving to serve Our Lord and King with fidelity and joy.

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