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Friday, November 16, 2018

All Year Long

The Papa Stronsay Calendar for 2019 is now available for purchase from our website here.

The Papa Stronsay Calendar enables you to easily and fruitfully follow the Church's traditional liturgical cycle.  Possibly the best Traditional Catholic wall calendar on the market, it gives you each day's feast, class and liturgical colour, the lunar calendar, traditional days of abstinence, traditional feasts which are not on the universal calendar, national public holidays for six English-speaking countries, major astronomical events, and so much more, including a whole array of beautiful images which truly make this calendar a feast for the eyes!

Order your copy of the Papa Stronsay Calendar now!

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Piglets for Easter

On Easter Thursday, the brethren welcomed Papa Stronsay's newest inhabitants: three little piglets.  We have started raising Large Blacks, an old English breed which is quite rare now.  It's a small litter, but all three are healthy. Deo Gratias.

 Fr Magdala Maria and Br Romuald in the pigsty following the successful delivery of the piglets.

 Br Romuald pointing out their sharp little teeth!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Please help us bring Salvation! — Updated

The world needs priests — good and holy priests — and each of us individually need priests. When we were born, it was the priest who snatched us from the clutches of Satan, and immersed us in the life of grace, a gift infinitely superior to all the treasures of the universe. If we reject God and fall into sin, it is the priest who, with his hand raised in judgement, pronounces the words of absolution, and restores the friendship of God to us. It is the priest in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass who brings us the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be our food for the strengthening of our souls in the battle for our eternal salvation. The priest witnesses our marriage, if we receive this sacrament. Who else but the priest will be at our bedside as we prepare to quit this vale of tears, offering us words of encouragement and consolation, forgiving us our sins, giving us the Viaticum, and providing us with the final helps that our holy mother the Church has for us before we depart, worn-out with the labors of life, to stand before the judgement seat of God?

And how is it that this world has not already been destroyed by God, as in the time of Noe, for the many crimes which men daily commit against Him? Is it not because of the Sacrifice of Propitiation, offered daily upon so many altars throughout the world, crying out to Him: “Mercy! Mercy for this, Thy ungrateful world!” The many graces which we have received, not the least of which being that we have been blessed with the Catholic Faith, whilst so many around us have it not; can we not trace this, and the many other favors we have received, to the altars of so many Churches, where a priest stands between us and God, renewing once again the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross and begging graces for the world? How very much we need our priests; how few of them there are: The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few. (Matt. 9:37)

The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer have as one of their principal works, the preaching of parish Missions. Parish Missions are a time of immense grace for the faithful during which faith and fervor are immeasurably strengthened, sins — often of many years — are forgiven, and the life of a parish is invigorated. But for this work our most small and most unworthy Congregation needs priests.

We currently have three students studying at the seminary of the Fraternity of Saint Peter in Nebraska, USA: Br Martin Mary, Br Seelos Maria and Br Peter Mary. Please God, Brs Martin Mary and Peter Mary will be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in 2020. The cost of educating each student is approximately US $20,000 per year. We are now in very great need of your help if we are to continue to be able to educate our Brothers and have them ordained so that they may be of service to you and the rest of God’s Church in the future. We very earnestly beg you to help in this holy endeavor for the glory of God, and for the bringing of Salvation to people throughout the world. God will not be blind to your generosity, and neither will we. Once Brs Martin Mary, Seelos Maria and Peter Mary reach the altar, they will not neglect to remember at every holy Mass all those who contribute to the cost of their priestly formation. The financial burden of the education of priests is substantial, and we cannot continue to bear it without your generous help. If you are able, please consider contributing to our seminary fund by clicking below:

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Confirmations 2017

On the Feast of Christ the King five young women from the Latin Mass Chaplaincy received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Basil Meeking, Emeritus Bishop of Christchurch. Please keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our New Zealand Wilderness

The official or canonical houses of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer should be located away from cities in deserted places.  With this in mind, Bishop Barry Jones RIP, as Bishop of Christchurch, invited us to establish a canonical house in his diocese according to the requirements of our Constitutions.
On Holy Thursday, 13 April 2017 we took possession of our New Zealand Wilderness.
The property is called Mount Saint Joseph's Kakahu.
Procession to take possession
of the Wilderness of Mt St Joseph's Kakahu 

 The altar being prepared in the wilderness.

On the feast of St Joseph, May 1st 2017 the 300 acre property was first blessed and Holy Mass was celebrated at the foot of the wilderness hills which rise another 1300 feet from here to the summit.

 Views from the summit of Mt St Joseph's Kakahu
looking across the Four Peaks Range
and looking to the cities on the plain.

 - 29 September -
Michaelmas 2017
 Holy Mass was offered in the open for the faithful
who came to Mt St Joseph's Kakahu
for the first Wild Sheep Muster. 
 In this place... 
 The altar was in the open
the Faithful gathered to assist from
beneath the verandah.
Now in this place let us make a beginning.

November 2017
Laying the logs.

 The logs for the Wilderness Oratory 
were all taken from the neighbouring forest.

The Wilderness Oratory of St Joseph looking down the verandah.
 The Wilderness Oratory takes shape
view from the West
 View from the South
 The roof.

The stained glass window
-the gift of Mr and Mrs J N Richards - 
which is greatly appreciated.

Making the altar rails

The altar, gradines and throne.

 The temporary altar and footpace
 The gradines are solid Douglas Fir from the neighbouring forest,
 so too, is the throne.

Blessing of the 
Wilderness Oratory of St Joseph
Last Sunday of the Year
26 November, 2017.

 The Wilderness Oratory of St Joseph
was officially blessed by
Rt. Reverend Dom Hugh Gilbert, O.S.B.
Bishop of Aberdeen, Scotland

 DOMINE DEUS, qui licet...  O LORD GOD, Whom the heavens and earth cannot contain, but Who dost condescend to have a dwelling on earth where thy name can be continually invoked, we beseech thee, through the merits and intercession of Blessed Mary ever Virgin, of Blessed Joseph and of all the saints, visit this edifice with thy kindly countenance, and purge it of all evil by the infusion of thy grace. And as thou didst cause the vow of thy beloved David to be fulfilled in the work of Solomon, his son, grant us in this work the realisation of our desires, and banish hence all wicked spirits. Through our Lord.

 Ut hanc ecclesiam, et altare hoc, ad honorem tuum, 
et nomen Sancti tui Josephi, purgare, et bene+dicere digneris.
Te rogamus audi nos.
That Thou wouldst purify and bless + this church and this altar 
to thy honour and the name of Saint Joseph.
We beseech thee, hear us.

 Psalmus 120
LEVAVI oculos meos in montes ... 
I lift up mine eyes to the mountains; 
whence shall help come to me? 
My help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth ... 
 Psalmus 121
LAETATUS sum in his, quae dicta sunt mihi: In domum Domini ibimus...
I rejoiced when it was said to me: 'Let us go to the house of the Lord...'

 First Mass in the Wilderness Oratory
offered by Father Anthony Mary
served by Brother Paul Mary montem sanctum tuum et in tabernacula tua...
unto thy holy hill, and into thy tabernacles...

DEUS, qui loca nomini tuo dicanda sanctificas...
GOD, Who dost sanctify the places dedicated to thy name, pour forth thy grace upon this house of prayer, so tht all who here invoke thee, may experience thy assistance. Amen.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Papa Stronsay Calendar 2018!

The Papa Stronsay wall calendar for 2018 is finally here, and can be purchased below!

For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of owning a Papa Stronsay calendar in the past, it is probably the best Extraordinary Form liturgical wall-calendar available, giving you not only the day's liturgical feast and commemorations, but also the liturgical colour of the day, public holidays for five countries, astronomical information, many other liturgical events and historical information not included in the general calendar of the Church, and so much more.

 The Calendar contains images of our life throughout the year.

Each month is packed full of liturgical and devotional information.

This video from 2016 gives a good idea of the kind of thing you can expect from your 2018 Papa Stronsay Calendar!

Make sure you don't miss out on future Papa Stronsay Calendars by subscribing to the Calendar mailing list below:
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Purchase your Papa Stronsay Calendar now! Simply enter the quantity below to be taken to the Papa Stronsay shop:

The Calendar is with the printer now, and should be ready to ship within the next two weeks.  We will have them to you as soon as possible.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we have been obliged to increase the cost of the Papa Stronsay Calendar this year, but hope to get it back down again next year. Even with this increase, we have not covered the cost of printing. If you are able, please consider making a donation to help with these substantial costs. Thank you!

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Rosary of Balloons

On Sunday 15 October,
the third day of the celebrations
in honour of the 100th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima,
a Rosary made of balloons was launched in a park near the Oratory in Christchurch. 
The beautiful photos that follow were kindly taken by Mr. Daniel Lim.  

This devotional celebration had been well prepared. 

 If we said our prayers and prayed our Rosaries
with faith the size of these blue balloons
the world would be a different place!

 The Rosary Procession was over
its Litanies had been sung
the Holy Mass had been chanted
the day was sunny 
and the celebration was blessed with joy.

Moment of wonder.

Before the Rosary of balloons could be launched
it was necessary to obtain permission from the
Christchurch International Airport Control Tower:
"Go ahead Rosary Balloons!"

 It slowly lifted off.
Polyphonic hymns accompanied it.

 What a sight!
The crucifix gleamed in the sunlight.
The air was still.

We watched what we had launched. 

And indeed it was a beautiful sight
thanks to the care and precision with which it was organised.

For each balloon could lift only 1 gram of weight
and the balloons together had to lift the Rosary's 
golden Crucifix and Miraculous Medal.
Well done! 

Up and up it went until it was out of sight.
May our humble prayers pierce the clouds
and not depart until the Most High hears them
through the intercession of Holy Mary.

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