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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good Friday Holy Mass of Presanctified

On Good Friday, Holy Church commemorates the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that it is the saddest and most solemn day of Holy Week. The officiating clergy enter the sanctuary vested in black and prostrate themselves before the altar, which is still stripped. The candles are not lighted, the organ is not played, nor are the bells rung. Then the Passion is chanted.

Then follow the so-called “Solemn Prayers”, or supplications for all conditions of men. Their use is now restricted to Good Friday.

The solemn prayers being ended, the officiating priest divests himself of his black cope, and having received from the deacon the altar cross, which was veiled at the beginning of Passion-tide, he uncovers, before all the people, first, the head of the crucifix, next, the right arm, and lastly the entire cross. While doing this, he goes from the Epistle corner to the centre of the altar, lifting the cross higher at each step and thrice chanting, each time on a higher note: Ecce lignum crucis… Behold the wood of the cross…

Then the priest is passes the crucifix to the acolytes, and they hold it, while he removes his shoes and, genuflecting three times, humbly kisses the feet of the Crucified Lord. Then other clergy and people venerate it.
The most striking and singular feature of Good Friday is the omission of Holy Mass. In its place is the Mass of the Presanctified in which the priest and people receive Holy Communion. The Blessed Sacrament is borne from the altar of repose where it was placed yesterday, while the choir sings the hymn: 'Adoramus te Christe, ... we adore Thee O Christ and bless Thee, for by Thy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.' The Priest then places the ciborium on the altar and the candles are lighted.

I will take the bread of heaven and will call upon the name of God.

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