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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

End of our Easter lambing season

Victimae paschali laudes Immolent christiani.
Angus redemit oves:
Christus innocens Patri
Reconciliavit peccatores
Let Christians offer to the Paschal Victim the sacrifice of praise
The Lamb hath redeemed the sheep:
The innocent Jesus hath reconciled sinners to the Father.

This is the first year that we have had the pleasure of having 16 Gotland sheep on Papa Stronsay- 15 ewes and Frank the ram. Gotlands are known for their curiosity. They will usually run up to you when they see you near their fence. The 15 ewes produced 26 lambs of which 17 are ewe lambs and 9 are rams.

The sheep spent the winter inside the sheep shed, (named 'Bethlehem') and now that the weather is fairer, Brother Louis Marie takes them out to grazing every morning; although at this time of they year they still return to Bethlehem in the evening. The next sheep to lamb will be the hardy Cheviots that are more suspicious of shepherds. We'll see how we go with them when the time comes.

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