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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The harvest is over

The last week has seen the members of the community working together in the field to get in our harvest of potatoes. After a long spell of wet weather, the good Lord saw fit to send us a few days of dry, bright, sunny weather, which we took full advantage of. We have been truly blessed this year since the harvest was excellent. We bagged approximately 9 - 10 tonnes of potatoes, enough to last us to next years harvest.
The view from the tractor cab.
Rev. Fr Anthony Mary, C.SS.R. pulls the harvester through the field.

After the harvester has passed by, the potatoes are left on the surface to be collected.
Br. Columba Maria, C.SS.R. inspects the crop.

The hard work having paid off, the potatoes and the brothers take a ride out of the field.

The potatoes now lie drying, after which they can be stored.

Deo gratias et Mariae!

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Anonymous said...

How can you eat 9-10 tons of potatoes? I hope you have plenty of butter. :-) -M in Texas

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