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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Serious Issue

The time for sending out Catholic, together with our latest book has arrived once again. It has however been brought to our attention, by the alertness and quick thinking of Mr Richard Bullard, that for the last 6 months, (that is the last two issues) almost nobody in the USA who gets their copy of Catholic individually through the mail, has received it!
The devil is clearly at work here. We are doing our very best to rectify the situation, but we ask you please to be patient. The process has already begun, and all the copies of the latest Catholic for the USA agents are already on their way from Papa Stronsay to the US. The agent’s copies for all other countries will soon be following. As soon as we have organised the system of shipping the individual copies, they will also be sent out. Please bear with us. We are aware of the situation, and are at present doing all we can to sort things out. You can help us in this by imploring Our Lord and His Holy Mother to lend Their aid, and to ensure a safe passage for Catholic to the USA, and to the rest of the world.

We will be happy to reimburse those readers who have not received either the copy of Catholic containing the book “The Sign of the Cross” or the copy containing the book “Silent Night”, by adjusting their subscription accordingly. If you have missed out on either of these issues, then please email us. Since there is likely to be a very many such cases, we ask that you keep these emails as brief as possible, stating only how many copies you have missed out on, your name and your address. Thank you very much, and we offer our apologies to those who have missed out on their Catholics over the last 6 months.

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