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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Protest of support for Pope Benedict XVI

We learned with sorrow that last Thursday Pope Benedict XVI was forced to cancel his visit to Rome's Sapienza University because of the prolonged protests of a minority of students and 67 of their professors. Today we join the millions of souls worldwide who protest their support and affection for the Holy Father. In particular, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank him for the Motu Proprio of July 7 2007.

Viva Pope Benedict XVI!

To hear the Vatican National Anthem


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Reverend Fathers, unfortunately in Italy the risk of Apostasy it is an actual risk. That's why in this Country there is a tangible loss of values. An old Irish monastic poem says: <"Who to Rome goes - Much labour, little profit knows. For God, on earth though long you've sought him, You'll miss at Rome unless you've brought him">. God bless

Anonymous said...

Did you receive my last mail?

Christus Vincit said...

He may not be another Pope St. Pius X, but certainly the best since John XXIII.

Viva il papa!

Eduardus said...

Dear Reverend Father:

I do not understand your persistent praise of the modernists heretics who currently occuopy the Vatican highest Vatican offices.

+Eduardus Jacobus

A Simple Sinner said...

Merrily ignoring the last near-anon poster with the audacity to sign a post as though he were of authentic episcopal dignity...

I am much admired of how the Holy Father has handled this matter. In the world press that bothered to notice, he has come out the sympathetic figure that he should be. Lo and behold, the Pope's freedom of speech has been stymied.

I am no Polyanna, but the old maxim "Find the good and praise it" is one that my father taught me and has served me well. There is enough bad to make one fall asleep on a tear soaked pillow nightly, but that does little good.

So prayers for the Holy Father, long to serve us!

A Simple Sinner said...

It had never occured to me that VC had an anthem. I am going to have to post that over at Per Christum!

Anonymous said...

Benedict XV1 is a Modernist.

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