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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Navarro-Valls on Pope Benedict XVI

Saturday 26th September
the Pope gave the Infant Jesus of Prague
a beautiful golden crown

Navarro-Valls, who worked for almost two years with Benedict XVI, was interviewed by the Spanish daily El Mundo about his work at the Vatican and some aspects of the two Popes he served under.

Speaking about Benedict XVI, he said he considers him "the Pope with the largest and most brilliant personal bibliography in all of Church history. His conceptual wealth is fascinating. And I think people also outside the Catholic circles are aware of it. "

The former Vatican spokesman does not believe that the Holy Father is a cold person. "I would say the opposite. The manner in which he is moved—which is more frequent than believed—is to not react passionately in response to things," he said.

He also found that the most unique aspect of his Pontificate is his "confidence in the rationality of people, in their ability to seek the truth," and the great obstacle he faces is, "as he himself said a few days before he was elected pope, the dictatorship of relativism."

From Catholic News Agency


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see that our Holy Father is offering Mass Ad Orientem on that beautiful altar!

David said...

Unfortunately, he is not offering Mass in the photo. He is placing a golden crown before the Infant Jesus of Prague ... a very traditional gesture nevertheless. :-)

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