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Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Unusual Fish

When we fish around Papa Stronsay and Stronsay our usual catch would be Coley, Mackerel and Cod. However, just the other day something came up which we had never seen before and couldn’t identify. If anyone can tell us what it is please just leave a comment.

It was very brightly coloured, weighed 500g and was 340mm long...

...and it had a formidable set of teeth!

Any help identifying this unusual fish would be appreciated.


Peter Simpson said...

Sorry, I have no idea what the fish is, but would be interested to know how you cooked it and what it tasted like!

By the way, where are the other 152 fish?!

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

It could be a fish of the deep sea
called "Lump Sucker":

With All Respect

YoungCatholicSTL said...

Seems a little out of its range, but could it be a rainbow smelt?

Simon Platt said...

It's a cuckoo wrasse.

Mike C said...

@AB I'm not a marine biologist, but according to Wikipedia the Lumpsucker -- or Aptocyclus ventricosus -- is apparently only 20 to 60mm long, well short of the 340mm sample specimen.

@YoungCatholicSTL More info about Rainbow smelt -- or Osmerus mordax -- can be found here:

umblepie said...

Dear Father, I am instructed by one who knows - although she didn't know this morning, that this colourful fish is none other than a male 'cuckoo wrasse'. This information was obtained from various sources including the internet, which incorporates several excellent photographs. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Cuckoo Wrasse. The fishpolice of fish farming.

Unknown said...

It should be a Labrus bergylta Ascanius. May be your french brothers heard about « vieilles ».

Tristan Mordrelle

Michelle Therese said...

That fish is an alien from another planet!!!!

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