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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Google come to Stronsay

On the 16th August, just after having told a good friend that I had never seen a "Google Car" in real life, what was my surprise to arrive on the Stronsay pier and find one waiting for the ferry! They are currently taking the "Google Street View" photos of Orkney. The only islands not included are Papa Westray and North Ronaldsay, since it is not possible to get there and back quickly enough. I asked him how long it was likely to be before they would be online and he told me that the last lot took about a year to get processed.

The Google Car. The camera is computer controlled from a laptop on the passenger side. The operator simply starts the software and then drives — the computer does the rest.


thetimman said...

Not exactly a welcome visitor. Queen Elizabeth I's spies blended in a bit more, I should think.

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Through modern technology Google Team is able to trace the Map of any street on earth and this is a great thing.

Trough Faith and Contemplation any man should trace the Map of his own Spirit and that's a wonderful and mysterious fact.

With All Respect

Peter Simpson said...

You might think it is a Google Car - but I recognise the number plate. It has been sent from the Vatican to spy on you all!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is watching you.

Of course, it's all ok really, 'cos it's a private company - it's not as if the State is driving around photographing every front door in the country from the road and every back garden from a satellite...


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