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Saturday, September 11, 2010

An eel on Stronsay

As we were getting off the boat this morning, having made our crossing to say Mass on Stronsay, we were walking up the pier and spotted a large eel. The tide was very low which made it very easy to see. I guess it was about 1.5 metres long (5 feet) and quite chunky. Here are a couple on photos I was able to get:


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

I suppose it was a sand eel, not a conger nor a sea eel.
Am I right ?


Anonymous said...

'He's a smart and slippery eel
For he isn't in a Stronsay creel,
Or on the end of Brother's reels!
To have him for your mid-day meal,
Just depends on how you feel.
For some - it sure is no big deal,
I mean,of course, the Stronsay seals'
'Poeticus Oceanus'

Simon Platt said...

That's a conger eel. (Sand eels are very small - many sea birds eat them.)

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