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Monday, November 01, 2010

All Soul's Day from New Zealand

Photos of the All Soul's Day morning mass from Our Mother of Perpetual Succour Monastery, Christchurch, New Zealand.

O Precious Blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and upon the poor souls in purgatory.

The Sacrifice is complete. Only God knows how many souls this august Sacrifice introduced into eternal glory!


Jack said...

\\Only God knows how many souls this august Sacrifice introduced into eternal glory!\\

Can this not be said about ANY Eucharistic Sacrifice?

Michelle Therese said...

Praise God ~ we made it to Mass on November 1st!! It was such a blessing to be there!

Struggler said...


It is true that in ANY and EVERY Eucharistic Sacrifice SOME of the fruit of the sacrifice would be applied to the souls in purgatory; but there is a SPECIAL FRUIT of every Mass which the priest applies as his "intention of the Mass" and this could be applied to many different causes: passing an exam; the conversion of a particular person; to obtain a special grace etc.

On All Souls the SPECIAL FRUIT of the Mass is applied to the souls in purgatory. Even more, there are three such special Masses that every priest can offer on that day for the souls in purgatory.

It would have to be said that in more that ANY ordinary Eucharistic Sacrifice, the souls in purgatory are helped today because the sspecial fruit of all the Masses in the whole world are directed to Purgatory showering them with special assistance.


Anne B said...

Thank you, Father, for offering this Holy Mass and for offering it so devoutly. May God be very pleased with you Good Work!

Holly Hall said...

Thank you, Father, for offering this Mass and for posting the beautiful pictures. Ah, how easy it is for us to forget our suffering brothers in Purgatory! Indeed, His Divine Majesty and Our Heavenly Queen truly know the answer as to how many souls were released from their prison by this Sacrifice. Ah, what about how many, TOTAL, were, and are, released from Purgatory on a daily basis due to this practice?

Jack said...

Could someone explain what is meant by "special fruit" in this context?

This is not a term used in Eastern theology.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same chapel? it looks different somehow.

Fr Levi said...

Hi gentlemen,

Great photos; I really enjoy the blog - I don't suppose you could be persuaded to update it a little more often? I know you're busy with your studies, but think of this as part of your preparation for ministry, reaching out all over the world to strangers and, DV, influencing their lives for the better.
Every blessing in your studies; I include you in my prayers that you will all progress in your vocation to the day of your ordination to the priesthood & serve God and his people in that ministry with grace and compassion.

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