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Friday, January 21, 2011

Apology to Catholic subscribers outside the UK

We are mortified to learn that our Catholic newspaper
destined for subscribers outside the UK
has been sitting in Aberdeen since 13 December 2010.

The mail agents in London have said
that the person who was responsible for sending the mail to their London depot
was "sick"
there was nobody to replace him!!

We are told that the Catholic is now on its way to London
for further onward distribution
after a delay in Aberdeen of nearly 40 days.

We are sorry that this has happened.

We wish that we could find a better alternative service.
Alas! For the moment we are stuck with Spring Mail and its TNT partner:

Their present service is spiraling.


Anonymous said...

It will be well worth the wait, I'm sure! At least 40 days is a propitious number. :-)

Inkstain said...

40 days in the desert of Aberdeen :)

Veritas et Pietas said...

God Bless the Redemptorists for their service to Holy Mother Church.

Anne B said...

The question I was only just about to ask has been answered! Thankyou dear Fathers and Brothers!

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