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Wednesday, December 21, 2011



umblepie said...

Sooper smilee postee!! Tankee muchee!!

Luv it!!!

David said...

Wonderful! Such a nice contrast to the long frowns of those other Traddie bloggers who are so full of doom and gloom. Merry Christmas to the Fathers, Brothers, friends, and family of Papa Stronsay!

Mick said...

Thank you for that. In the midst of the current over activity at my place of work, getting medical equipment to People before Christmas, this is like a breath of fresh air !

Deo Gratias

Ttony said...

Brilliant! Thank you.

Angela said...

Gorgeous! love the music and love the pictures........I hope you all have a nice Christmas.....much love from the Holgates in NZ x

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Have an Happy Christmas,
Dear Fathers and Brothers !
This tracking shot of smiling faces is a touching expression of joy and hope.
God Bless You All

Holly Hall said...

This is a great video; thanks for posting it! Sorry I've been really busy lately, but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas ~ and a "Happy Birthday" to the Divine Infant of Bethlehem!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fathers and Brothers
Thank you for the smile. We need plenty of those over here at the moment. Please keep us Christchurch people in your prayers in this Holy Festive Season.
I wish you all a very Holy Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year and thank you for all you do during the year.
God Bless you all

Elizabeth said...

That is terrific! You make me smile, Transalpine Redemptorists! Merry and holy Christmas!

Michelle Therese said...

Our monks + video production capabilities.

The world is never going to be the same haha! Love it!

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