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Monday, February 11, 2013

Still a while, our Holy Father.

As for millions of others in the world today,
the day stopped still even before midday.
Thoughts focused on the lovable person of our Holy Father.
It was like hearing of his sudden death.

With sorrow and acceptance dueling with each other;
with the grace of his pontificate fast approaching its close,
I found consolation in knowing that we obeyed
when he called us back to unity with him.

Our Congregation's consolation
is that we listened to his Motu proprio of 7 July 2007.
We may have been the only SSPX group that committed itself to action,
by returning to the heart of the Church in response to his request,
but in what concerns his person:
that we responded to his invitation, is our chief consolation
at this time, when he is leaving us.

Without his appeal to us and the grace that went with it
~the voice of Christ speaking through Benedict ~
without that call to life,
we would be in spiritual misery today.
If only all had answered!
We were not a great catch for the Fisher of Souls
we were but some little fish in the net of his pastoral charity;
just a few strays that heard the Shepherd's voice:
and he carried us on his shoulders!

He carried us on his shoulders!

Thank you Holy Father for all that you did for us;
Our Fisherman, our Shepherd, our Father
you have a great place in our hearts.

Soon then, our beloved Benedict will leave us.
The retired Pope retires to the monastic mountain
to pray for us as yet another Moses.
Have we lost?

Humanly we sorrow;
supernaturally we gain.

It is God's Will.
In His Will is our peace.


Mac McLernon said...

On the contrary, you are a very great catch, and like the shepherd who goes out looking for his one lost lamb, Pope Benedict would have rejoiced greatly over your return to the fold... as do the saints in heaven.

We all appreciate your sacrifice and lives dedicated to God on behalf of us who are still in the world. I can't express it very well, but God bless you all, and God bless our dear Holy Father.

umblepie said...

Thank you for this post. God bless our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who has done so much for us.

Kenneth said...

Truly beautiful. This moved me to tears since it was only because of him and his Moto Proprio that I returned to Holy Mother Church. That was how he caught me in his net.
Thanks be to God for Benedict XVI!

Orthodox said...

I have been searching for adequate words these past 24 hours and could not find any within not outside of myself which expressed fully all that I was experiencing in the time since the news broke, I was quite at a loss until I saw your post, dear Fathers and friends at Papa Stronsay.

My heart is one with yours in saying a simple "Thank you", a thank you for "carrying all of us on your shoulders.

Please be assured of my constant prayer and support

Calvin James Montgomery

South Africa

Konstantin said...

He caught you, and then some. Without you responding to his call my family and I don't know how many more would still be with the SSPX and not with Peter. Thank you Holy Father, and thank you, Father Michael Mary!

Tula said...

I thank the consolation told in words so wise and so lovable

Dario Protomanni said...

What a beautiful post. Indeed we are all grateful for what our Holy Father has done for the Church and your congregation! Thank you for being attentive to sweet Jesus's voice through His Vicar because you have helped many souls, mine included, and you will continue to do so in the future.

Carolyn said...

So beautifully, and truthfully, stated. Thank you.

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

To Jack
Thank you Jack! We take him at his word and need to look no further. There is no dissecting of his abdication coming from us! Taking him at his word most seriously, is how we came to be where we are: in Communion with him and through him with the universal Church through space and time. Gloria Patri!

Ἡσίοδος said...

You have moved me to tears as well. May God richly bless your community and our beloved Holy Church

Neil Addison said...

I think you, with typical humility underestimate your own significance and the significance of your erection as a Religious Institute.

I am not a regular Latin Mass attender though I have always had sympathy with those who are and who were deprived of access to the Traditional Rite. However when I first read of your Community deciding to regularise itself after Summorum Pontificum I decided that your step should be supported and I took out a subscription to The Catholic.

From your magazine and from your Blog I have learnt a great deal about my faith and for that I am truly grateful. Having followed (and despaired over) the negotiations with the SSPX and the Church it seesm to me that they have ignored the fact that ultimately membership of the Church is an act of faith, not a selection of Canon Law rules and structures (and I speak as a lawyer).

Your community made a leap of faith, you were humble and you put up with a difficult time to win through to your present status where you have the respect of many people.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Beautifully expressed.

Anne B said...

Thank you, Father Michael Mary. Please don't stop praying for the other sheep, who did not hear or did not recognise His voice, that they will.

David O'Neill said...

So many of us feel grateful for what Pope Benedict did with 'Summorum Pontificum' & are saddened by his leaving. Here in the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle it has been proposed among those loving the EF of the Roman Rite that we thank the Holy Father by having Masses said in gratitude for what he has done, for his intentions & for his future well-being. Mass cards may be sent to:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Pontificalis Domus
Vatican City

If your own priests have difficulty fitting in the Masses they can send the stipends to other priests who can make use of the funds

Tula said...

"It is God's Will.
In His Will is our peace."

Thank you, Father Michael Mary.

Supertradmum said...

God bless you all for coming home under this great shepherd. I am so grateful for your presence in the Church. Thank you a million times and God bless the Dear Holy Father.

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