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Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Lady's Procession

This Sunday past was the annual procession of Our Lady of Christchurch, New Zealand.  The Bishop of Christchurch, His Lordship Bishop Barry Jones, has put the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer in charge of this annual event, and our confrères have been working hard during the preceding weeks and months to make it a success.  Thanks be to God and Mary it was a great success with over 500 people turning out to honour their Heavenly Mother despite the blustery weather!

Fr Yousef Marie addresses the morning assembly of teachers and pupils at Mary Immaculate Catholic School, New Brighton, in preparation for the procession.

 Entering the church prior to the procession.

 Being lifted by her father, Sarah Green has the honour of crowning our Blessed Mother.

 Procedamus in Pace! The procession begins!

 The bier prepares to set out carrying the official replica of the statue of Our Lady of Christchurch.

Our Lady leads born aloft upon the shoulders of twelve men.

The Faithful follow behind praying the rosary and singing hymns in honour of their Queen.

Upon return to the church, His Lordship Bishop Jones gives the benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

 Our Lady's Ribboniers and Flower Girls.

Members of the Kerelite Catholic community in Christchurch pose for a photo with Our Lady's statue.

Fr Magdala Maria with some of the Faithful.

Your can find plenty more photos by following Our Lady of Christchurch's  Facebook page!


umblepie said...

Heart-warming and impressive procession, thanks for the
photographs. Our Lady of Christchurch pray for us.

RCMS said...

Fantastic. Our Lady of Christchurch did it again, with help from her sons...Looks great, even if it happened in that particular Church.

God bless.

Inkstain said...

What a great showing. May God grant an increase with each year!

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