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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Cruise Orkney

 There are three large cruise liners coming into Orkney today with an aproximate total of 7000 tourists!  The shopkeepers will be pleased.

After Morning prayers this ship could be seen from Papa Stronsay making its approach to Kirkwall.  It is the MSC Magnifica.  At a build cost of $547 million, it weighs in at 95,128 tonnes.  Today it is carrying 2569 Passengers and 953 crew.
It was quite magnificent to see this huge vessel gliding along the usually empty horrizon.

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Konstantin said...

I wonder if they have anything like a "prayer room" on that ship...I recently posted an old advertisment by Hapag on my blog, I found it in one of my old German foreign missions magazines. It's from the 1920's when there were still missionaries crossing the oceans in ships. They had a little chapel, complete with an organ and a Mass set, and Hapag explicitly used this feature for an advertisment! One of the altars was even consecrated by the Bishop of Osnabrück. How times have changed.

Here's the link:

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