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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In His Great Goodness

God in His great goodness
 through the prayers of Our Lady and St Joseph
 has given Holland Farm in Stronsay
 into our possession. 

We give Him our humble thanks
 that such a great gift should be added
 to our monastery in Papa Stronsay. 

We also offer our loving thanksgiving to Our Lady, Most Holy Mary,
 who never ceases to watch over Her children's 
spiritual and financial necessities. 
Countless are the times that She has prayed for us
 and we have experienced so many miracles
 as a result of Her prayers. 

If all men and women would accept Holy Mary as their Mother
 how happy the world would be! 
She is always looking out for us and Her prayers to God
 in our behalf are always heard, even with miracles. 

This is the reason that through the centuries Her countless children
 have given Her so many loving titles such as:
Star of the Sea
Mother of Perpetual Succour
Flower of Carmel
Mother Most Loving
Refuge of Sinners
Mother of the Afflicted and so very many more.

Her titles are humble expressions of love from Her grateful children.

Today we too publicly offer our humble thanks to so loving a Mother. 

To God alone be all Glory!
Our Thanksgiving is offered  to Jesus through Mary.

Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.
Rector Major

Holland Farm, Stronsay


Konstantin said...

I rejoice with you although I must admit I'm not entirely sure what this means ;-)...will this become a source of income for you?

God bless

Anne B said...

Thank Heaven for this help for you and especially the Queen of Heaven!

The Bones said...

What wonderful news! Glory to God!

Tantumblogo said...

Wow, that looks like a major operation. I pray your wonderful order is blessed with many more faithful brothers to take care of such a glorious endowment. I see in your great care of souls that re-seeding which is so vital, and I am frankly amazed to see people turning over lands to religious again as they did for so long in the history of the Church. God bless you so abundantly for your continued faithfulness and work.

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