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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Profession of Fr Celestine Maria, F.SS.R.

On the Feast of St Alphonsus, 2nd August,  Fr Celestine Maria of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, F.SS.R. made his temporary profession of the Vows of Religion: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

  The Novice is questioned by the Superior regarding his desire to give his life entirely to God in Holy Religion, and his firm resolve to persevere therein.

 Prostrate on the ground and covered with the funeral pall while the Veni Creator Spiritus is chanted by the community, the Novice prepares to die to the world.

 Fr Celestine Maria, F.SS.R. pronounces his vows, kneeling before his God and ours; Him Who will judge us on the last day.

 Father receives the Pallium of the professed monk.

 All kneel while the newly-professed recites a prayer of thanksgiving.

Deo gratias et Mariæ! 
We wish Father Celestine all the best, and pray that he, and we persevere in this most excellent vocation of Religious Life.


Flavius said...

Congratulations! Beautiful ceremony. May God bless him and the entire Congregation.

umblepie said...

Congratulations and prayers Father Celestine Maria F.SS.R.
Thank you, Father Anthony, and all the priests and brothers, for a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable day. Brian.

Zephyrinus said...



Konstantin said...

Congratulations. May many other priests follow Fr. Celestine's example and choose the regular life.

Neil Addison said...

A question ? I am a little puzzled since Fr Celestial is, from his title, already ordained is he joining the Sons from another Order or from a Diocese ? Also I was a little puzzled by the reference to this being a 'temporary' profession. Surely as an ordained Priest he would have already made such vows. I hope you don't mind the questions which are in a simple spirit of enquiry

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

@ Neil Addison
Thank you for your comment. Fr Celestine joined us from a Congregation of secular priests. Secular priests do not take the vows of religion, thus a secular priest joining a Religious Order starts at the beginning, as would anyone else: Novitiate, temporary profession, final profession.

Neil Addison said...

@Transalpine Redemptorists: Thank you for that very clear and interesting answer. I am sure that the new Brother Celestine will will have the prayers of all of us who are friends of Papa Stronsay

Anne B said...

Praying for you Fr Celestine!

Anne B said...

An extra "celestial"!

Anonymous said...

May the good Lord bless you with every grace to fulfill your holy calling. May our Lady of Perpetual Help intercede for you.
With every good wish and blessing,
Oremus pro invicem
Fr. Michael A. Doyle

Anonymous said...

God be with you all.

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