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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The myth of my solitude

Aboard the flight to Africa Pope Benedict was asked:
"Many newspapers speak of the 'solitude' of the Pope.
What is your view on this?
Do you really feel alone?"

Pope Benedict XVI replied:

"To tell the truth
this myth of my solitude makes me laugh.
I do not feel alone at all.
Every day I hold meetings with my closest collaborators, first among them the secretary of State. I see all heads of the dicasteries regularly, each day I receive bishops on their ad limina visits: lately all the visits have been bishops, one after another, from Nigeria and from Argentina. We had two plenary assemblies --one of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the other of the Congregation for Clergy. We had some friendly discussions, we are a network of friends. Besides, my Mass companions from Germany came recently for a day to talk to me."
"Truly, I am surrounded by friends in a marvelous collaboration with bishops, with my collaborators, and with lay people, and I am grateful for this."

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