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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Papa Stronsay Texts

Feast of St. Clement Hofbauer
We are delighted to make known to you our new blogspot called:
"Papa Stronsay Texts
- Redemptorist Necrologies that are too good to be lost."
We have linked to this blog on the left hand side under our 'References.'
This site will specialise in reproducing
necrologies or lives of
Redemptorists and Redemptoristines;
not necessarily the ones who will be canonised,
but all the same great people
who have served God
by the gift of their lives.
The record of their lives
serve to inspire us
to likewise give ourselves to God.
These lives have been described as being "too good to be lost!" They are all recorded from old pages, pamphlets or bits of books; images too are in danger of being lost, one is here from a Memento card. Some were machine typed others were handwritten, many have only been published privately; all were in danger of being lost forever. We do not want that to happen.
At this stage there are only three such necrologies to hand. More, and many more we hope, will be added as the Necrologist finds moments of spare time to occupy himself with his labour of love. Little by little the site will grow.
The text on "The Servant of God, Father Pampalon, C.SS.R." was a machine typed translation from French that had been discarded from a monastery library. The translation was poor, but the story had been typed onto bits of note book paper and it had then been sewn together by hand; it was probably a work of poverty and devotion by an admirer of the holy priest. Now the endangered work is in cyberspace and the typed pages are available everywhere thanks to the person who worked on the text for us. The life of Father Villanacci, C.SS.R. has been translated from Latin by a friend. What a wonderful photo! He made himself look very poor to save the poor embarrasment when he visited them. A real saint who was loved by all in Pagani (where the body of St. Alphonsus lies). He had thousands of people at his funeral. The interesting life of Father Van Der Straeten, C.SS.R. has been typed from an old book in French. Perhaps somebody will translate it and send us an English text. For the time being it remains in French.

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