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Friday, May 01, 2009

Block by block - The Feast of St. Joseph the Workman

V. Verbum Dei, per quod facta sunt omnia, alleluia.
R. Dignatus est operari manibus suis, alleluia.
V. The Word of God, by Whom all things were made, alleluia.
R. Did not disdain to work with His hands, alleluia.
The Feast of St. Joseph the Workman
Brother Matthew and Brother Xavier
V. Gloria et exemplar opificum, sancte Ioseph, alleluia.
R. Cui oboedire voluit Filius Dei, alleluia.
V. O St. Joseph, glory and model of workmen, alleluia.
R. Whom the Son of God chose to obey, alleluia.
Fratres: Pax Christi exultet in cordibus vestris...
Brethren: may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts....
[Little Chapter of the Feast, Lauds, Terce, Vespers]
Ioseph, opifex sancte, opera nostra tuere, alleluia.
Joseph, holy workman, be the guardian over all our works, alleluia.
Omne quodcumque facitis ...
Whatever you do in word or in work,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
giving thanks to God the Father through Him.
[Little Chapter of the Feast, Sext]
Quodcumque facitis...
Whatever you do, work at it from the heart
as for the Lord and not for men....
[Little Chapter for the Feast, None]
Visita, quaesumus, Domini, habitationem istam,
et omnes inimici ab ea longe repelle:
Angeli tui sancti habitent in ea,
qui nos in pace custodiant;
et benedictio tua sit super nos semper.
Let us pray.
Visit this house, O Lord;
keep the devil's wily infleunce away from it.
Let Thy holy Angels dwell here,
to guard us in peace.
And let Thy blessing rest upon us always.
[Office of Compline]


Anonymous said...

Brick by Brick the Church is restored.

Anonymous said...

SS Philip and James in my missal, I thought St. Joseph's feast was on Wednesday.

Transalpine Redemptoirists said...

"SS Philip and James in my missal, I thought St. Joseph's feast was on Wednesday."

The above is a 'snipe.' (To snipe: to shoot or fire at [men etc.] one at a time usually from cover and at long range - Shorter Oxford Dictionary). The comment is a snipe because the writer does not accept Venerable Pope Pius XII making the 1st May the Solemnity of St. Joseph the Workman.

The sniper wants to state next Wednesday, (being the Wednesday of the Third week after Easter) was once the Solemnity of St. Joseph.

In this case, since he knows the calculation for the former feast he also knows quite well that the Solemnity was changed by Pope Pius XII to 1st May.

He also knows that we follow the 1962 Roman Missal that places St. Joseph on May 1st.

So it's all hissing... and missing...and as such it demands no more than deleting them as they come in. We will.

However, this blog, as advertised on its masthead, is for our 'families and friends.' As such we want it to be edifying.

If any reader has something he wants to disagree about I invite him to contact us by using the 'contact' button. That is, by being up-front with his email address and name: manly stuff.

Poor snipers act as cowards: I don't say they are cowards but that they act as cowards, which must disappoint them about themselves; and which we hope they will have the courage to overcome.

We opened comments on Easter Sunday after Lent.

In the peace and joy of this Paschal season we renew our best wishes to everyone.
Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

Anonymous said...

Is that an All Blacks sign on the Brothers warm beanie? If so great to see support for the All Blacks in the Northern Hempishere.

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