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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monastery Life - The Laundry

Doing the laundry for the community is a daily job in the Monastery.

The clean, dry laundry is folded and sorted.

Each member of the community has a place on the shelves.

Once a week, on a Saturday, the clean laundry is distributed to the community.

The bags of clean laundry are placed in the small antichamber called the 'Ave Maria'.


Michelle Therese said...

Seeing as how you monks have this laundry thing down pat... Any of you are MORE then welcome to stop by the farm after these twins are born and do some laundry hahahahaha!!!!

Unknown said...

"Ave Maria"? Very Carthusian! And does the one delivering the clean laundry ring a bell as he leaves? I spent a week in Parkminster once; it took me a few days to work out that a ring on the doorbell didn't mean someone had arrived, rather that someone had left.

I have to get to Stronsay some of these years. Too many good things are happening up there for me not to try to see them.

Father Ó Buaidhe

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