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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keeping the silence

From 10th - 21st December
Four Brothers are making their annual Retreat.
Since they are on silence during this time
and each takes his meals in the solitude of his cell
we hear and see little of them until after Mass on St. Thomas.

Retreatant clearing the snow before his cell.


Michelle Therese said...

One thing I've yearned for as a mother: several days of silent isolated retreat!!! When the kids are older me and Erlend just might take turns heading out to Stronsay for solitary retreats!

God bless!

Pamelanak said...

Please pray for Ron Ziwinsky that he may be cured of his cancer and that he and his wife Elizabeth will grow close to the dear Lord in this painful and scarey time. Thank you.Wishing you all now a blessed Advent and a Holy Christmas to come.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for taking this vow. Thank you for your sacrifice for those you do not know. Thank you for guiding our lives towards God.

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

~ Profound meditation in solitude and silence frequently exalts the mind above its natural tone, fires the imagination, produces the most refined and sublime conceptions. The soul then tastes the purest and most refined delight, and almost loses the idea of existence in the intellectual pleasure it receives. The mind on every motion darts through space into eternity; and raised, in its free enjoyment of its powers by its own enthusiasm, strengthens itself in the habitude of contemplating the noblest subjects, and of adopting the most heroic pursuits. ~
Johann Georg von Zimmermann

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