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Monday, December 06, 2010

The St. Nicholas Snows on Papa Stronsay

Feast of St. Nicholas
the Wonderworker.

St. Nicholas has been venerated on Papa Stronsay
for over 1,000 years.

Our Lady's cloister in St. Nicholas' snow.
While we occasionally have a little snow in Orkney
this year, with the rest of Britain we are having
an unusual abundance.

The Te Deum procession to the Blessed Sacrament,
made daily after dinner and supper,
had added
attraction today.

The lane between the cells
this afternoon at 3.00 p.m.

Blessed Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
to all our readers!

Collect from the 1962 Missal
for the feast.

Deus, qui beatum Nicolaum Pontificem
innumeris decorasti miraculis;
tribue quaesumus;
ut ejus meritis et precibus,
a gehennae incendiis liberemur.
Per Dominum...

O God who didst adorn blessed Nicholas, the bishop,
with miracles unnumbered,
grant we beseech Thee,
that by his merits and prayers
we may be delivered from the flames of hell.
Through our Lord...

Collect from the 1969 Missal.

Misericordiam tuam, Domine, supplices imploramus,
et, beati Nicolai episcopi interveniente suffragio,
nos in omnibus custodi periculis,
ut via salutis nobis pateat expedita.
Per Dominum...

We ask you, Lord, through the intercession of Saint Nicholas,
to keep us safe amid all dangers,
so that we may go forward without hindrance
along the road of salvation.
Through our Lord...

An historical drawing of the St. Nicholas Cross.
The original Cross, found at the chapel site on Papa Stronsay
was dated to be from the
seventh or eighth century.

The St. Nicholas Cross
of Papa Stronsay as a pendant.

St. Nicholas Chapel on Papa Stronsay
was built in the
eleventh century,
over yet earlier buildings,
its ruins alone remain.
The drawing shows the two celled chapel which,
against its North wall has the remains of another older
circular cell.
Another wall,
perhaps the apse and part of an older cruciform structure
lies outside the two celled chapel to the East.


Brian P. said...

Thank you. What a fascinating glimpse at the history of the island. I do so enjoy your publications, perhaps you'll consider a longer piece on the island's history.

Anonymous said...

What a watered down prayer in the New Mass. That is the problem with the whole modern liturgy, it is weak and compromising from start to finish. No solid doctrine and prayer. The sooner the New Mass is consigned to history the sooner we will have the Faith back in the world.

Michelle Therese said...

I love learning the history of Papa Stronsay! I wish we had a book containing the Catholic history of all of our islands here!

Such bonnie snow. :-) Our farm is covered.

Michelle Therese said...

Oh... I see the two different prayers. Why is it that "modern" seems to equal "dumbed down"? Very sad. I can't wait for the revised English translation to come out next year. Very exciting!

Jack said...

I would suggest to the first anonymous that the Church by her nature CANNOT and does not promulgate compromising or untrue liturgical texts.

Troparion to St. Nicholas, Tone 4:

A rule of faith, an icon of meekness, and a teacher of abstinence
Have you been revealed to your flock,
For you achieved the heights by humility and riches by poverty,
O Father and Hierarch Nicholas,
Intercede with Christ God for the salvation of our souls.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing at all wrong with the newer prayer, if you pray it without a polemical mindset. Besides, I doubt that it was Father's purpose in posting the two versions to invite complaints against the Novus Ordo.

Holly Hall said...

Blessed Feast of St. Nicholas to everyone! Our children sure love this Feastday....our parish had a "special visit" from this great Saint after Mass as he handed out oranges, candy, and cookies to everyone. God bless!

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