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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Morning with the Afternoon Club

This morning we enjoyed the pleasure of the company
of two groups of friends who braved the waters
(and a little boat)
to pay us a visit on Papa Stronsay.
The members of the Sanday Afternoon Club
were on their second excursion to our Monastery Island
and were delighted to see the progress made in the monastery
and Our Lady's Gardens (where they are pictured above),
since their last visit.
They were also able to enjoy its fruits
in the form of rasberries, strawberries and loganberries.

The island of Sanday (in the distance)
over the water as seen from Papa Stronsay.
Haste ye back!


Anonymous said...

Where are they from?

Poster said...

Our guests were from the Sanday Afternon Club, which hails from the Orkney Island of Sanday accross the water from Papa Stronsay.

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