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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Congratulations to our new Bishop!

Congratulations to our new Bishop of Aberdeen, His Lordship Bishop Hugh Gilbert, OSB, who was consecrated bishop yesterday, the feast of the Assumption. His Lordship has taken as his motto:

Omnia in Ipso constant Col: 1.17


By Him all things consist.

Ad Multos Annos!


Tom Esteban said...

Congratulations to His Excellency!

Just another mad Catholic said...

Congratulations to the new Bishop of Aberdeen, truely in Him all things consist for he made the world and sustains it being.

Cláudia S. Tomazi - Brasil said...

I would like to offer this poem in honor of Our Lady Christchurch, and the arrival of Bishop.

sweet Return

Ver hear is your window
when opened to be Brahma
per celebrated reveals the truth
Mary is when the tide of life

Arrivals and departures packs
many coves and floats gently
the veil which boat this window
enjoying the breeze contemplated

always full and non-captive
As your light hoisted
is noble, outside the universe

Yes, Mary is eternal return
confess and love flame
Birds are sails of your deals.

Doce Regresso

Do ver ouvi-se de vossa janela
quando abriu-se ao ser bramida
a verdade revela per celebrada
quando Maria é a maré da vida

embala chegadas ou partidas
e flutua suave tantas enseadas
no véu que barco desta janela
gozando da brisa contemplada

sempre plena e não cativa
luz que vossa içada medida
se por nobre fora o universo

Sim, Maria é eterno regresso
amor confesso e chama viva
Aves são velas de vossa lida.

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.
please let me share the joy for the consecration of your new Bishop,
Dom Hug Gilbert, OSB

May God bless him

Michelle Therese said...

Thank you, God!!

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