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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Est enim urbanissima, curialissima Regina, gloriosa Virgo Maria.

Saint Bernard (1090-1153)
seeing Our Lady's statue
greeted Her with
"Salve Regina!" or "Ave Maria!"
to his surprise he heard Her reply
"Salve Bernarde!" or "Ave Bernarde!"

When a man devoutly salutes the Virgin
he is saluted by Her in return.
For amongst all Queens,
the Glorious Virgin Mary is
the most polite, the most courteous.

It is impossible to greet Her
without receiving a greeting in return.

That is why,
if throughout the day
you say devoutly "Ave Maria!" a thousand times
you will be saluted a thousand times
by the holy Virgin.

Quam homo devote salutat Virginem
resalutatur ab illa.

Est enim urbanissima,
curialissima Regina,
gloriosa Virgo Maria.

Nec postest salutari
sine resalutatione miranda.

Si mille Ave Maria dicis in die, devote,
millies a Virgine resalutaris.

(St. Bernadine of Sienna


Holly Hall said...

Thank you for this great post; its heartening to read something like that which gives hope in the midst of this cruel world and its rebellious spirit. Mary, Our Mother, grant that we may love Thee more and more!

Anne B said...

As a child I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy and learnt that St Bernard had said, "Following her thou reachest the goal" and "Look to the Star; call upon Mary!"
These thoughts have, thank God, stayed with me.

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