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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On his consecration as a Bishop: The worst day in his life.

Today is the 250th Anniversary of the Episcopal Consecration
St Alphonsus Maria De' Liguori
which on his own words was
the worst day in his life.

The church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome.
"The consecration took place on 20 June 1762 in the Church of the Minerva at the hands of the Dominican Cardinal, Ferdinand de Rossi, assisted by Mgr. Innocent Gorgoni, Archbishop of Emesa, and Mgr. Domiinic Giordani, Archbishop of Nicomedia and Vice-Gerent of Rome.
Cardinal Ferdinando Maria de Rossi
The bishop subsequently avowed to his confessor that it was the most sorrowful day in his life.
'... I had to struggle with myself, 
to accept in spite of my repugnance a charge, 
the responsibility of which made me tremble.'"
(Life of St. Alphonsus, Berthe, Vol. 2, IV, I)

A true bishop.

At a later date he also wrote:
"My hand trembles as I write this,
for I remember that I too am a bishop,
and that many bishops have proved false to their trust,
have lost their souls and their God,
who as private individuals
might have worked out their salvation
with greater ease.
Without entering here into the question
as to whether an ambitious priest
who intrigues for a bishopric
is in a state of mortal sin or not,
I cannot understand, I must confess,
how any Christian with regard for his salvation
can desire the episcopate,
and thus voluntarily cast himself
into the midst of the thousand dangers
to which a bishop is exposed."

Note: In his Will, Cardinal Ferdinando Maria de Rossi
had arranged for seven thousand Masses 
to be offered for the repose of his soul!
He too understood the dangers of his office. 


Anonymous said...

St Alphonsus pray for us!
St Alphonsus pray for our bishops and pray that we may have holy bishops!

Just another mad Catholic said...

Too true.

Also becoming a Bishop probebly involves immersing yourself in the nightmare of paperwork whereas a Parish Priest/Monastic Priest can get on with the business of saving souls

Anne B said...

I thank God for giving him the irresistible Grace to keep His Grace and the Grace to merit more. St Alphonsus, pray for us and for all the Bishops, Clergy and seminarians. Amen

Michelle Therese said...

WOW he was a bishop too!!

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