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Sunday, October 07, 2012

O Happy day! O Felix dies!

Feast of the Holy Rosary
of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
in Golgotha Monastery Island, Papa Stronsay
there was the reception of a new novice 
who was clothed in the habit of the Congregation
and received into the Novitiate.

 Dearly beloved Brother, what do you ask for?
Enlightened by the light of Divine grace, I have knowledge and understanding that all things which the world holds to be great, and which it glorifies, are empty and nothing if not vanity. My soul, firm and decided, has inspired me to cast myself before the infinite mercy of God, renouncing all things which are of this world, so that with a much greater liberty I may serve my most lovable Redeemer, and to do this more ardently and perfectly; and also in the manner in which it is capable of being done, to learn to imitate His most holy life. 

Whence, an intimate persuasion has come to me, that the Divinity has called me to consume all the days of my life which will follow, in this venerable Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer; that, obeying promptly and faithfully the Divine Will, I may assure the salvation of my soul in the harbour of safety. 

I most humbly indeed, and most pressingly, pray and beseech Thy Paternity, that he grant me such a grace, I who am in no way worthy of it, on account of the love of my Saviour Jesus Christ; that He may deign to receive me into this Congregation as its least and most unworthy member. For in this Congregation, with the assistance of God’s grace, I hope to persevere until the end.

He is covered with the funeral pall.

In exitu Israel de Aegypto * 
domus Jacob de populo barbaro. 
   Facta est Judaea sanctificatio ejus * 
Israel potestas ejus. 
Introduces eos, et plantabis in monte haereditatis Tuae * 
firmissimo tabernaculo Tuo, quod operatus es, Domine. 
Educam eos de afflictione Aegypti * 
et introducam in terram fluentem lacte et melle.
Gloria Patri et Filio* 
et Spiritui Sancto.
Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper* 
et in sæcula sæculorum. Amen.

When Isræl left the land of Egypt* 
the house of Jacob from a barbarous people.
 Juda was made His sanctuary* 
Isræl His dominion. 
You will lead them and plant them on the mountain of Thy heritage* 
in Thy most firm dwelling which Thou hast worked O Lord. 
You will lead them away from Egypt's afflictions* 
and lead them into the land flowing with milk and honey. 
Glory be to the Father and to the Son,
and to the Holy Ghost.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

He lays aside the Old Man.

Exuat te Dominus veterem hominem cum actibus eius, 
et induat to novum, 
qui secundum Deum creatus est in justitia et sanctitate veritatis. 

May the Lord strip thee of the old man with all his acts 
and clothe thee in the new, 
who is created by God in justice and in the holiness of truth.
R. Amen. 

He is clothed in Christ.

Indue, Filii Dominum Jesum Chrisum, 
semper mortificationem ejus in corpore tuo circumferens.

  Son, put on Our Lord Jesus Christ, 
always surrounding thy body with His mortification.
R. Amen.

 He receives a new name.

In the world and from your Baptism you were known as NN. 
From now as a sign of your new and special title of religious consecration, 
by which you are dedicated to seek the perfection of charity 
in the service of God’s kingdom, 
for the honour of God and the building up of the Church, 
‘thou shalt be called by a new name’ (Is 62:2).

These things saith the First and the Last, who was dead, and is alive: 
Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer. 
He that shall overcome, shall not be hurt by the second death. 
To him that overcometh, I will give the hidden manna, 
and will give him a white counter, and in the counter, 
a new name written, which no man knoweth, 
but he that receiveth it (Apoc. 2:8-18). 

Henceforth, in this consecrated life 
you shall be called: 
Brother Felix.

O Felix dies!      O happy day! 

Novitiate Community 2012.
Brother Felix with the Novice Master and the other novices.

May Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary 
grant them the grace of perseverance!


Konstantin said...

May Our Lord and His blessed Mother grant you the grace of perseverance, Brother Felix!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brother Felix! Our prayers are with you! Looks like you had a most beautiful day!! May God continue to bless you abundantly!!!

The Lunsford's

umblepie said...

Congratulations, prayers and best wishes Brother Felix. Looks like that home-made pasta went down really well!

inkstain said...

Congratulations to Brother Felix. May Our Gracious Lord further your work.

Congratulations also to his family.

Anne B said...

Oh, Brother Felix, I rejoice for you! And I beg Almighty God to strengthen you with His Grace - which is sufficient for you. May Christ increase in you and may he never allow you to waver. May Our Lady preserve you from sin.
Pray for my 8 year old grandson, Hamish (who serves at the Latin Mass), that he may one day be like you.

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