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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Doors

You may remember a storm we told you about last year which did some major damage to one of our shed's doors.  You can see it here.  Although the doors were put back into place and they did work, they were never quite the same.  In preparation for this winter, the doors of "Padre Pio" shed are having parts replaced and are being put back into proper working order.

 Fr. Anthony Mary, F.SS.R. and Postulants Mr. Esteban and Mr Janes working on the runners.

Watch out Father, you missed something!

Changing the damaged panels and fixing the new ends on to the doors calls for teamwork.
 Br. Magdala Maria, F.SS.R. grinds off some of the rusty bolts
and smooths down some of the damaged areas.
The doors are slowly raised into place with the help of a Teleporter
This is the tricky bit... getting the doors on to the runners ...
Last minute adjustments before the sun sets to make sure the doors open and close smoothly
As good as new!


Michelle Therese said...

And... Brother Nicodemus was the one that originally built the shed from scrap metal, bailer twine, and beach stones? ;-)

Let's pray we don't get any more massive roof-and-door killing gales (a.k.a. "tis a bit breezy oot" to the locals) this winter!

umblepie said...

What drama! In my book,it's a major construction job just re-fixing the door on my garden shed!
Your step-by-step account left me hanging onto my seat, will you make it or not? As for Fr Anthony's ladder somehow holding itself up in thin air - this must be some sort of levitation! Phew, I'm exhausted, must have a cup of coffee!

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