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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Because only She can help you! - We had better believe it!

This clip released last 7th May
was filmed before thousands of supporters of the now
President of Egypt
Dr. Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat
who assumed his office on 30 June.
Dr. Morsi (Mursi) is also present
and can be seen on stage here.

The content of this video
should motivate us to
pray the Holy Rosary with intensity.
The message of Our Lady of Fatima is a message for today:

“I want you ... to continue to
 pray the Rosary every day 
in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, 
in order to obtain peace for the world 
and the end of the war, 
because only she can help you.”
(13 July, 1917).


Konstantin said...

Thank you Father, I wish more priests had the guts to post these videos. Thank you also for telling people in "Catholic" to pray for the conversion of the Muslims. If we don't, the faith of ancient North Africa will be ours.

Konstantin said...

Correction: it should read fate, not faith.

Michelle Therese said...

MEMRI does great work, translating so many terrifying messages such as this one. I've watched countless videos with the Jihadists screaming, "DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL, DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL" as well as plenty that call for the death of the West and the death of all Westerners and non-Muslims. We. Are. Hated.

This is not some harmless small fringe element of "extremists" that rattle their swords and talk big but have no hope of ever doing any real damage. We are talking MILLIONS of jihadists, well-trained, well-armed, and fully equipped to wage jihad on Christendom. You see it right here on the video: Millions of martyrs ready to take us out.

When I was serving in the Middle East in the US Navy I saw this hatred of America, Israel, and the West with my own eyes. I returned home a tormented person, unable to sleep comfortably on the first floor or a building, uncomfortable in any kind of public building, nervous on public transportation like busses and subways. And I'll tell you, being an American living outside of America is getting hair raising these days, with so many even in the West so openly hostile towards America and Israel, Americans and Jews.

When I returned form the military my friends quickly lost interest in me, saying that I was basically nuts and paranoid, that I had "changed" - but all that I was doing was trying to warn them that "what I saw over there, they HATE us and it is coming here very soon." Of course reality will change a person!

You can well imagine that I was not one bit surprised when 9/11 took place or 7/7 or..or.. or... any of the countless vicious mass murder jihadist attacks that have taken place and still continue to take place since I returned from the military in 1996. What *has* shocked me to the core is the way my own countrymen have turned *against* America and the West and have *embraced* the very jihadists that are determined to destroy us! Who saw THAT coming??

And what was once called "paranoia" and "you're crazy" back in '96 is now called "racism" and "conspiracy theory" and hate-filled "islamophobia."

I know how Noah felt as he built the Ark with everyone else laughing and mocking him, telling him "you crazy!" while they ignored all of the warnings and carried on chasing entertainment and fun. The information is out for all to see - but so many will carry on ignoring it while mocking those of us that pay attention.

I never would have imagined that the rosary would be a weapon against jihad??? Amazing.

Michelle Therese said...

This video is amazing: it explains, through 1400 years of endless jihad, how and why the West is so obsessed with apeasement of the jihadists: how many generations of jihadist brutality against Christendom? To the point that the West basically suffers from a massive collective Stockholm Syndrom?

Absolytely worth a watch: this man is a grey-haired scientist. He offers hard numbers, stats, facts, not just opinion and ranting.

Our other best weapon, next to the Rosary, is information - educating ourselves on the actual facts. "Know thy enemy..."

David said...

The world hasn't seen the likes of this since Hitler. The comparison is absolutely serious.

Please see the following posts:

Konstantin said...

Michelle, I can understand you very well. My mother has been trying to warn people for over 5 years and I think most of the people she talked to think she's mad. Recently, we talked to someone from a part of Germany with a very sizeable Muslim population and just brushed off our arguments without ever having looked into this issue themselves. You can imagine that trying to talk to them about the True Religion didn't achieve the desired effects as well.

Most people today have a big problem with a strange form of pride, they no everything although they know nothing. They would even admit that, but they would never admit that your arguments are right.

Michelle Therese said...

After a while you just give up and say, that's fine, you will soon see with your own eyes.

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