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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New House

During the summer we had a pair of geese come to live on Papa Stronsay.  They did not have a house to live in, but they did not mind because it was the summer and they were not troubled by bad weather.  As the autumn came on, however, they became increasingly worried about how they would get through the winter.  Seeing their plight, Br. Nicodemus Mary, F.SS.R. offered to build them a dwelling place:

The goose house was to be built using a spare ruin.  Br. Nicodemus is preparing to fill the gap in the wall.

 The structure is almost complete.
The beginnings of the wall.  Behind can be the small shed in which the monastery generator is housed.

All done!  In time a gate will go in the gateway, but the geese cannot fly so for now it is fine.

I hope they will be happy with their new home!


Michelle Therese said...

Wow Br. Nicodemus is one handy monk! Did he build that shnazzy doghouse with the rain gutters and spouts as well?? Could he come and build a playhouse for our kids? hee hee!

The second thought that struck my brain when I saw this: Fantastic! Now there is somewhere very very sturdy to lock up those huge scary geese when we visit hahaha!

And yes, even Erlend agrees that they are scary. We are perfectly matched: neither of us are fond of slugs and we both find large birds to be unnerving :-D

So, what do the geese think of their new home? (Did whoever put them in the geese hoose still have both arms and both eyes??)

umblepie said...

Lucky geese, their own little guest-house!

Lena said...

very impressive!

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