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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Padre Pio is on the mend.

Padre Pio in bad shape to the south.

This is the sight that greeted us after
the Immaculate Conception Hurricane
8 December 2011.
The wind speed had been registered at 138 mph
on Mainland Orkney.

"Padre Pio" our boat and implement shed had been well secured
but the pressure of the wind, laden with humidity,
blew its doors in and out.

The north eastern door was blown over the top of the shed
and stayed there.

While the north western door blew inwards
and onto the bonnet of a vehicle.

Quite a worry.
A howling wind tunnel.

Thanks be to God and Fr. Anthony
it's back in place again,
straightened out and patched up.
And ready for another storm!

Deo gratias!
Thank you, Father!

1 comment:

Konstantin said...

Is Father Anthony's second name Hercules by any chance?

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