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Monday, January 09, 2012

Ukrainian Christmas with Carol and Horn.

News from Sister Onufria in Lviv, Ukraine.

Sister leads carol singing with local children
dressed in festive costume.
This is called "Vetep",
a Ukrainian tradition.

The following clip is a Christmas carol from

Sister Onufria's region
in the Carpathian Mountains.
These people are called Huzuly.
They are dressed in their regional costume
which includes a trusty mountain axe
and a sonorious horn.


umblepie said...

Phew!! Fantastic! I'm exhausted, but exhilarated watching this! One question - the first photograph is described as Sister Onuphria 'leading' the singing. I presume that she is behind the old man in the centre of the picture, with her back to the photographer; or is she the old man cleverly disguised?? Whatever the answer, a great post. Thank you Sister Onuphria.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting (and new for me!). I like that people are still upholding these kinds of cultural traditions. Europe hasn't merely thrown away their Catholic heritage, but sadly it seems they've lost their cultural heritage too (though I guess the two are bound up together and, as with all things in life, if you lose Christ and His Church you lose the whole lot too!).

Thank you for the post, Father.

Браен Факлер said...

Привет Отец,
Я думаю що Я у фотографії вертепу перед церквою Сватого Андрія. Я за жінкою у червоний шапці справа.


Transalpine Redemptorists said...

Слава Ісусу Христу.
Я бачу тебе. Так, вона повинна бути красивою, щоб побачити такі гарячі вітання до Різдва! Ви можете відвідати сестри в 7 вечірньо-стріт. Сестра суперіор Сестра Onufria.
Хай благословить вас Господь!
отець Майкла

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