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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ordinations to the Subdiaconate

Saturday 28th January saw the ordination of seven young men to the Subdiaconate at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

The future Subdeacons processing into the chapel holding a candle in their right hand, and, hanging over their left arm, the tunicle and maniple in which they will later be vested.

The candidates prostrate themselves before the altar.

Br. Martin Mary, F.SS.R. was given the great privilege of cantoring the Litany of the Saints with one of the other seminarians, which can be seen in the video below.

The camera used to film the Litany would not go beyond ten minutes per clip, so there is a small jump in the middle where a new one was started.

the tradition of the instruments to the Subdeacons, who touch the cruets...

...and the chalice.

The amice is pulled over the head.

The maniple is given them to reverence,

and finally they lay their right hand upon the Epistolarium, from which they will now chant the Epistle at a Solemn High Mass.

May God make them all good and holy priests!


Anonymous said...

A subdeacon "permanens" does he exist?

Michelle Therese said...

I have no idea what a subdeacon happens to be but I can tell that this is good news and that our dear Br. Martin is another step closer to becoming a priest.

Wonderful news! God bless you, Brother Martin, as you continue with your preist training!!

Erlend and Michelle :-))

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