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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Repair works at the Pier

Over the past few months of winter
a small hole under the bridge of the pier
grew bigger and bigger.

We are doing some extensive work to repair the hole
and build up the sea bed to protect the wall's foundation.

 Six inch concrete blocks are brought to the place of operations

 One by one the blocks weighing 15kg are passed along a chain of brothers
to the centre of the damage

In cave like conditions our young strong postulant lays the blocks in a stable pattern

 This is not easy work!

 The JCB digger is used to gather together stones from the sea bed at low tide.

The gathered stones are piled up to cover the work done
and protect the pier from further attack by the sea.


Zephyrinus said...


in Domino.

Konstantin said...

Are you going to pour concrete into that hole?

umblepie said...


Anne B said...

"Our young strong postulant" - what an evocative phrase! Doing "very hard work". Even if it gets harder, may he take to his own, the words of the bystanders (who had earlier told the blind beggar to be quiet), to Bartimaeus, in St Mark, chapter 10, "Have courage, get up, He is callling you!"

salve said...

Salve brothers


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about using concrete tetrapods to protect the pier wall? Having lived on an exposed Atlantic island myself, I just can't see the piled up stones lasting against the winter storms combined with spring tides.

God bless the work!

An Irish Priest

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