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Monday, May 06, 2013

Rogation Day Procession

With Spring upon us,
 and Our Lady's garden taking on new life,
 we had the joy to bless the fields and plants
 and call down God's blessing on the future harvest.

The Litany of the Saints begins at the foot of the altar.

After the invocation, "Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis", the procession heads towards the green house.

Once inside a triple invocation is made
"to bless, conserve and keep these fields
 from every infestation of the devil".

 Holy Water is sprinkled towards the four points of the compass.

Br Jean Marie and Br Peter leading the Litany of the Saints.

After the blessings are done, the procession returns to the Chapel,
 where further prayers are said and the Sung Mass begun.

A rather keen thurifer kept the smoke of incense rising heavenward


Anonymous said...

We are with you in spirit from Christchurch! May the Holy Procession bring graces for us all! Fr MM

Jim O'Conner said...

God Bless your growing season. Good luck to Bro. Jean Marie and his chilli plants!

Jim O'Conner

Salve said...

God BLess brother alfonso the altar servers in silver creek brap brap, luar and bebe saw you. God Bless the congregation.

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