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Sunday, July 07, 2013

New Life on Papa Stronsay

Just over a month ago our goose, Duchess, began sitting on a clutch of eggs.  Yesterday, on the First Saturday of the month, her eggs hatched.  The last of the little goslings to hatch was exiting its shell as these photos were taken.  Of the seventeen eggs that she sat on Duchess hatched thirteen goslings.  One of these died, and the remaining unhatched eggs were unfertilized.

 Duchess sitting on her nest with her little ones gathered under her wings.

This morning, the whole family was out to enjoy the sunshine!

 Duchess takes her little ones... be introduced to the water.

Br. Seelos filling up the water.

Thank you Blessed Lady, Mary, for this wonderful First Saturday blessing!


Kenneth said...

Congratulations to Duchess for her splendid effort. Fortunate geese to live in such an environment! I kept geese a few years ago. They were delightful; came when I called them and raised a ruckus when people came to visit! They were all females and provided me with eggs.
Around 390BC, Livy wrote geese saved Rome from an invasion by the Gauls. May our Lady's geese guard your monastery from all attacks by the enemy!

umblepie said...

Watch those black-backs Brother, they are rather partial to goslings
for breakfast!

Anne B said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "Mother Goose"!
Cheaper by the dozen, too. Will the males eventually appear on the refectory tables, along with the females' eggs? Hopefully the Brothers are not social vegans or sentimental vegetarians?

Philip Gerard Johnson said...

What wonderful photos. God has blessed you with new life there in a beautiful way.

I hope your kiwis continue to grow in the greenhouse as well :)

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