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Friday, August 02, 2013

Silver Jubilee of Our Foundation

Silver Jubilee

of the

Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer

On the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, in a small, once Toc H, chapel duly decorated for the Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extra-ordinary form, five young men gathered around a young Redemptorist priest who was offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It was the Feast of Saint Alphonsus 1988. On this day then, began the foundation of a religious community that would follow the Rule written by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori and which would finally receive the blessing of the Church to become the Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Today, twenty Five years later, a Sung Mass in honour of Saint Alphonsus was offered in thanksgiving to God and Our Blessed Lady for all the graces and blessings received. The ones we know about and the ones known only to God.

We share this joy with all of you, and wish to thank everyone that made our foundation a reality. Many have passed to their eternal rest, others still await the reward God has prepared for them - to one and all, we say thank you and may God ever bless you all.

Below are a few photos from the past which may bring back some happy memories.

Br Nicodemus as a young postulant clearing out the chicken coop.

Building works in progress to link the Sacristy to the Chapel.
On the right can be seen the door of the caravan
which served as sacristy for over three years.

Fr Michael Mary giving his blessing,
to Brother (now Fr) Anthony Mary and Brother Gerard Maria
 on their return from an outside trip.
This is taken at Guildford where we lived for a year.

Site of the Sacristy, Bell Tower and Annex rooms.
Mr Coates and his sons were the builders and friends of the Monastery

Father Anthony Mary as a novice hanging out the washing.
The future chapel can be seen behind the tree on the left.

Unpacking boxes in preparation for the foundation

Every monastery needs a cloister.
Here the brothers prepare the wood for the enclosure fence.

The refectory in the early days.
Oliver Cromwell stabled his horses here, once upon a time.
The ceiling beams were used from dismantled wooden ships.

Solemn High Mass for the Profession of one of the brothers.

In our first humble kitchen with a caravan gas oven,
Br Gerard Maria prepares breakfast.


thetimman said...

Congratulations, continued blessings, and happy feast day!

Anonymous said...

All the best wishes for this jubilee from the Holy Land.

God bless,


Kenneth said...

Dear Brothers in Christ,
Thanks be to God and His Holy Mother for your cooperation with his Grace and your wholehearted Love.
Your Foundation is a wellspring of grace for many who, while geographically distant, are one with you in the Body of Christ Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Happy Feastday to all on Papa Stronsay!!!

Frater Marcin Góral Berlin

David said...

Deo gratias! May God richly bless you in your work. I pray for you every day.

David S.

umblepie said...

Congratulations, and prayers and best wishes for the next 25 years!
Deo Gratias.

umblepie said...

Congratulations, and prayers and best wishes for the next 25 years!
Deo Gratias.

Unknown said...

God bless you all. May the Lord bless your work. Many thanks for all the encouragement which radiates from your blog. We had been concerned because of seeing the Goose and only the Goose for so many days.

inkstain said...

(Belated) Congratulations to you Fathers and Brothers and many thanks for what you do daily for Our Lord and for us all!

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